The founder of the world’s biggest cannabis company has explained what he sees in a leading Australian player.

Bruce Linton joined Creso Pharma (ASX:CPH) as a strategic advisor in October, and at the time the Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC) ex-CEO said he was attracted to the $250 million company “for its unique intellectual property, global distribution footprint and robust product pipeline targeting distinct categories.”

Well, now Linton has gone into more depth – and it turns out the pot icon likes one specific thing about Creso: its pipeline of hemp oil animal health products for pets.

“What I really about it the most was that some of the brightest minds that I saw working on animal care products, worked at Creso and were doing that work in Switzerland.

“And it’s my view that the company, while they have operations in other countries, I think they have the sort of products that people are going to want.”

With the pandemic still in full swing throughout most of the world, many people are buying dogs for companionship – but things will change in about six months, when their owners are no longer home all the time, Linton said.

“About half of them or a third of them are going to go nuts, chewing couches, peeing, pooping barking,” Linton told the Deep Dive website.

“It’s called anxiety when the owner is not present.

“I think there’s a line of animal care products premised on cannabis that had a great opportunity before, that are going to have a bigger opportunity.

“And I think if Creso can get those into the right markets — meaning all North American markets — that should be a ripping product line.”

The cannabis industry talks a lot about helping adults and “helping grandma and grandpa,” but cannabis-based products also work “pretty well with your four legged friend,” Linton said.

Pet owners “will pay almost anything” for effective treatments for animal  anxiety, rather than part with a beloved furry friend because it wrecks their apartment when left alone, Linton said.

“Nope, keep it calm, keep the dog,” he said.

Creso so far has been been selling its anibidiol line of hemp oil products to partners in Latin America and Europe. They’re designed to promote well-being and relax stressed dogs and cats.

The company announced in early December that it had filled about $975,000 in animal health products for the year.

This article was developed in collaboration with Creso Pharma, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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