The company remains well-funded to advance its clinical development pathway, as it looks to execute on a lucrative market opportunity.

Clinical-stage biopharma company Dimerix (ASX:DXB) released its half-year results this morning, accompanied by an investor presentation which highlighted the exciting potential of its multi-channel development pathway.

As the company looks ahead to a busy year, DXB provided a detailed outline of its clinical research process, along with a key development timeline as investors look forward to more important updates in 2022.


FSGS study

Among Dimerix’s lead drug candidates is its DMX-200 treatment, for which multiple advanced-stage clinical trials are underway.

During the December half, Dimerix progressed its Phase 3 study in the use of DMX-200 as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a rare kidney disease.

Around 210,000 people are diagnosed with FSGS globally and there are currently no approved therapies, which gives DXB a potential multi-billion dollar addressable market.

After Phase 2a trials demonstrated encouraging safety and efficacy measures, the company advanced its global Phase 3 study.

During the December half, DXB obtained ethics approval for the trial in multiple countries including Australia, New Zealand, France and Denmark as it builds out a global study across 70 sites in 12 countries.

For investors looking ahead, patient recruitment is underway with first dosing expected to commence in early 2022, once patients have been stabilised on their angiotensin receptor blocker medication.

Importantly, the clinical trial parameters are set up so that Dimerix can accelerate the drug’s development in the event of a successful early trial.


COVID-19 studies

Also during the December half, DXB provided a number of exciting updates in two separate studies on the use of DMX-200 as part of a treatment solution for COVID-19.

Endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and funded by the European Union, the REMAP-CAP study is designed to test a treatment solution for respiratory problems associated with COVID-19.

The study came into the end of last year with strong momentum, after recruiting more than 650 patients across the UK and Europe, and today reported that >750 patients have now been recruited.

Dimerix is also participating in the CLARITY 2.0 study, a separate trial for a COVID-19 treatment solution which is recruiting 600 patients across Australia and India.

The use of DMX-200 in both studies is to help reduce damage from inflammatory cells by blocking their signalling and limiting subsequent onset of fibrosis.

While vaccines are part of the health response to the pandemic, ongoing solutions to reduce symptoms associated with COVID-19, and other respiratory complications including pneumonia, will continue to be of prime importance in the years ahead.

For its 2022 outlook, Dimerix highlighted the next steps for both studies is to complete patient recruitment and get the first run of top-line data results, which are expected this year.

In aggregate, Dimerix continues to execute on its multi-channel strategy with the patient development of international clinical trials, which give it the best chance at success for globally patented medical innovations tied to its proprietary DMX-200 treatments.

The company remains well-funded after a marquee capital raise last October, and investors have plenty of exciting updates to look forward to as 2022 progresses.

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