Recruitment into a key study into Dimerix’s DMX-200 in all COVID-19 patients has now closed with results expected to start being analysed shortly.

Aussie clinical stage biotech Dimerix (ASX:DXB)  today announced that REMAP-CAP has formally closed recruitment of moderate state (non-critically ill) Covid-19 patients to the  ACE2 RAS Domain clinical study, including its lead compound DMX-200.

The closure will allow for full results to be analysed and reported. Recruitment of  critically  ill  patients  to  the  trial  was  closed in  February 2022, while recruitment of non-critically ill patients was paused pending further analysis of study safety data.

Dimerix said the study closure in non-critically ill patients is not based on any further safety concerns. Instead, it is a pragmatic decision reflecting the REMAP-CAP International Steering committee’s belief continued recruitment of moderately severe  Covid-19  patients  would  be challenging.

The steering committee notes hospitalisation rates of Covid-19 patients appropriate for the study are generally decreasing globally.


REMAP-CAP team to analyse study results

The study results will be analysed by the REMAP-CAP team and prepared for publication. Dimerix said it will report the outcome as soon as it has been received from REMAP-CAP.

There are four different treatment arms to the REMAP-CAP ACE2 RAS study.  Randomised patients receive either no RAS drug, an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) alone, an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor alone or an ARB simultaneously with Dimerix’s lead therapy DMX-200.

Meanwhile, Dimerix continues to drive the ACTION3 Phase 3 global clinical trial study effects of its lead drug, DMX-200, on patients with rare kidney disease focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).  

Dimerix earlier this month also announced it had entered into an agreement with The Australian Centre for Accelerating Diabetes Innovations (ACADI).

The key agreement will progress its lead drug asset DMX-200 into a new clinical trial in patients with diabetic kidney disease.

The new trial provides another potential market opportunity for Dimerix in addition to other Phase 3 trials into inflammatory diseases which are underway.


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