How do you make sure kids don’t try weed? Call it Spinach.

At least, that’s what Canadian cannabis company Cronos reckons.

Cronos, one of the world’s biggest cannabis companies with a market cap of $2.3 billion, today launched the second of its recreational cannabis brands, promoting “responsible distribution”.

“We made sure to select a brand name that we felt would not appeal to kids,” Cronos chief Mike Gorenstein said.

“Spinach has been carefully curated to deliver our promise to provide high-quality products to fun-loving mature adults who are sick of hearing about kale.”

Spinach is being launched ahead of an anticipated 17 October decision that could see Canada become the first G7 country to legalise recreational cannabis.

There’s nothing quite so fun as Spinach on the Australian market, although several are trying to make cannabis beers a reality and eSense-Labs (ASX:ESE) says it’s making marijuana choccies.