Special report: Cannabis play Creso Pharma is planning to launch  cannaQIX® 50 medicinal cannabis lozenge to New Zealand in a deal with new cannabis medicine distribution company CANNZ Logistics.

The partnership will involve the groups working with local health regulators and physicians in New Zealand to introduce Creso’s product into the market.

CannaQIX® 50 is a cannabidiol (CBD) lozenge designed to support the management of chronic pain. The lozenges contain CBD, one of the active ingredients found in cannabis. It has well-researched medicinal benefits but doesn’t provide a high. 

CBD products are currently B1 controlled drugs in New Zealand and all medical practitioners can now prescribe CBD products in the country.

Creso Pharma’s (ASX:CPH) co-founder and chief executive Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli believes the New Zealand market is an important piece of Creso’s growth strategy across the Asia Pacific.

“For Creso, New Zealand is an important market as it forms part of its overall APAC strategy, a region where projections suggest 23% of the worldwide spend on CBD products will take place by 2022.”

Creso has already launched cannaQIX® 10 in Switzerland and reported its first revenue from the product in March 2018. It also has launches pending in the UK and the Netherlands.

This special report is brought to you by Creso Pharma.

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