• Recce Pharma scores a patent win in China, extending protection until 2035
  • 4D Medical joins forces with the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center for a lung study


Recce Pharma scores China patent

Recce Pharmaceuticals (ASX:RCE) revealed that the China National Intellectual Property Administration has officially given the green light to a new Patent Family 2 for Recce’s anti-infectives called “Copolymer and Method for Treatment of Bacterial Infection” in China.

The patent will give Recce Pharma protection until 2035.

The Chinese patent claims focus on RECCE 327 (R327) and RECCE 529 (R529), particularly on how they’re made, used, and applied to tackle a wide range of common human infections.

China is the second-largest pharmaceutical market globally, ringing in at around US$140 billion in 2021.

The industry has been growing at an average annual growth rate of about 3.2% in 2023, and it’s expected to keep on growing thanks to rising demand, healthcare reforms, and government backing for pharmaceutical R&D.

This approval marks the final of Recce’s wholly owned patents granted for Family 2, with the company now patent-protected in all major pharmaceutical markets globally.

Recce has been working on a new kind of medicine to fight against tough bugs that don’t respond to regular antibiotics, as well as emerging viruses.

The company’s anti-infective lineup includes three patented synthetic polymer medicines:

  • RECCE 327, used as an injection or topical treatment for severe bacterial infections, including superbugs
  • RECCE 435, taken by mouth to treat bacterial infections
  • RECCE 529, for viral infections.


4D Medical snags US partner to conduct lung study

Meanwhile, 4D Medical (ASX:4DX) is teaming up with the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center to commence a study called the Veteran Affairs Functional Lung Imaging Study (VAFLIS).

This partnership will use 4DX’s XV Technology to look into different chronic lung problems that cause similar symptoms.

The aim is to admit 40 patients in the study and use XV Technology to see how well the lungs are working for patients with chronic lung problems, and how this affects their quality of life, their ability to walk for six minutes, and how breathless they feel.

The final goal is to see if treatments can actually improve lung function, which could then help decide the best way to treat patients, such as whether they need more hospital care or follow-up appointments.

4DMedical’s XV Technology is all about tracking how the lungs move and how well they’re ventilating during regular breathing. This information helps doctors spot lung problems sooner and more accurately.

The partnership with West Los Angeles VA Medical Center follows 4DMedical’s involvement in a big research grant for burn pit research at the Nashville VA Medical Center.


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