• Antisense announces positive study of ATL1102
  • Acrux to launch a new product in the US
  • MedAdvisor gets new CEO 

Antisense Therapeutics (ASX:ANP) announced a successful study into a new muscle disease indication for its lead drug, ATL1102.

LGMDR2, also referred to as dysferlinopathy, is a rare genetic disease caused by mutations in the dysferlin gene which leads to significant reduction or absence of dysferlin protein levels in muscle fibres.

The ATL1102 drug meanwhile, is an antisense inhibitor that chokes CD49d production and prevents immune cells from reaching the brain and spinal cord.

A mouse study conducted by Antisense in collaboration with Jain Foundation in the US has now showed significant decreases in the target CD49d RNA, as well as key immune cell RNA levels in the muscle.

In the study, mice were treated with ATL1102, an antisense oligonucleotide (ASO), at three dose levels (5, 10 and 20mg/kg) once weekly for six weeks.

The results showed that at the low 5mg/kg/week ASO dose, the RNA levels of CD49d, and CD8 T cells and F4/80 macrophage cells in the quadricep muscle were significantly decreased by 42%, 86% and 70% respectively.

“The positive results from this first study in dysferlin deficient mice encourage us to move into the chronic phase of the program, and we look forward with great anticipation to the results of this follow on study,” said Dr George Tachas, Director of Drug Discovery and Patents at Antisense.

“There are several genetic muscle diseases with similar immune cell involvement like in LGMDR2 and DMD, and so this data points to the potential use of low dose of ATL1102 as a treatment for such conditions,” he said.


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Acrux signs US deal

Acrux (ASX:ACR) has entered into an exclusive commercialisation agreement with Padagis in the US.

Padagis will be responsible for the commercialisation of one of Acrux’s product, including sales, distribution and coordination of manufacturing.

Padagis is a leading US-based provider of extended topical and other specialty pharmaceutical products with over two hundred products on the market today.

Acrux says the details of the product and plans for its launch are commercially sensitive, and are therefore unable to be revealed at this time.

The product is expected to be launched in the US during the second half of 2022.



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MedAdvisor gets new CEO

MedAdvisor (ASX:MDR) announced two executive changes, including the appointment of US-based Rick Ratliff to the position of CEO effective July 18th.

With over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical technology sector, Ratliff has a successful track record in both the US and Australia.

As President of Network Services at ConnectiveRx, Ratliff led a team that developed go-to market strategies and new products that increased revenue by 50% to US$120 million.

Ratliff also served as the founding Chief Operating Officer and subsequently CEO of Surescripts, the first nation-wide SaaS-based health information network company in the US.



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