Special report: Innovative agtech Roots Sustainable has released interim results from its proof of concept on cannabis in greenhouses, showing a significant increase in plant growth.

The company’s (ASX:ROO) world-first pilot is testing the effectiveness of its novel Root Zone Temperature Optimisation technology (RZTO) on factors such as cannabis crop yields, weight, quality, stem diameter, growing cycle duration and more.

The technology cools the root systems of cannabis seedlings and stabilises temperatures between scorching summer days and cooler nights.

Interim results released this week showed plant heights increased by more than 25 percent compared to the control plants as well as enlarged stem diameters.

A growing value potential

Roots recently entered the medicinal cannabis market, which is expected to see up to $31 billion in sales globally over the next four years.

Until now, the agtech player had only used its RZTO technology with edible crops, including successfully increasing the yield of basil by 66% during the winter months.

Current cannabinoid prices in the California medicinal cannabis market are US$2-3 a gram while in Canada, prices are closer to US$5-7 a gram and the control crops used in the pilot typically produce 600 grams per tree each growing cycle – equivalent to US$1200 to $1800.

The pilot results represent a potential 25 percent increase in yield.

Roots CEO Dr Sharon Devir said the interim results are a promising sign for growers.

“When you consider that most commercial cannabis greenhouses have thousands of plants, the increased yields, shortened growing cycles will add up to a significant financial benefit to farmers.”

“We’re finding that by applying our RZTO technology to keep root zones at optimum temperatures we’re able to greatly increase yields and shorten growing cycles.”

“So far in this summer pilot we have been able to keep the root zone of cannabis plants at more than 7 degrees below the root zones of the control crops. RZTO is providing increased protection against heat and stabilising the temperature range between night and day.”

The pilot will continue through November.


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