Special report: Innovative AgTech play Roots Sustainable Ag Tech now has a presence in six key markets after signing a reseller agreement with Korean farm tech business Ezfarm.

Roots (ASX:ROO) inked a one-year deal with the agricultural products distributor to sell its patented root-cooling/heating technology into the South Korean market.

Dr Sharon Devir, Roots chief and co-founder said: “This distribution agreement represents our increasing presence in North East Asia and follows an exclusive distribution agreement and initial commercial orders from Dagan in China earlier this year.”

Ezfarm sells field solutions to farmers across South Korea’s agricultural landscape, where challenges like limited arable land extreme summer and winter temperatures are leading a search and adoption of advanced greenhouse technologies and specialist farming techniques.

Under the one-year deal with optional annual extensions, Ezfarm will be able to sell the root zone temperature optimisation (RTZO) technology into the region.

Roots is currently proving the applications of this technology globally and also has a presence in China, Spain, the United States, Israel and Australia.

In recent months the AgTech disruptor has demonstrated how its technology can be used in everything from hydroponic lettuce growth to the burgeoning medical cannabis market.

Roots Sustainable believes its Ezfarm partnership will be just the start of a longer relationship where it will prove the usefulness of its technologies for farmers who are battling the elements.

“We expect this agreement will be the start of a long-term commercial relationship with Ezfarm, as part of our global expansion plans as we help farmers optimise their crops through environmentally sustainable practices that improve their outputs in the most economically efficient and beneficial way through enhanced plant yield, quality and life cycle management,” Dr Devir said.


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