Special report: AgTech innovator Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies is fast-tracking commercialisation of its products with the opening of its new R&D hub.

Located in Israel, the hub will support independent tests of Roots Sustainable’s existing solutions on a broad range of crops — and serve as a controlled environment to validate proof of concept for new innovations in different weather conditions.

Roots (ASX:ROO) develops technology aimed at tackling some of the agriculture industry’s biggest challenges – improving plant growth, lowering costs and reducing water and energy consumption.

Its novel Root Zone Temperature Optimisation (RZTO) approach stabilises the root temperatures and minimises the impact of weather conditions. Earlier this year, a pilot involving heating basil crops showed the technology resulted in an 66 per cent increase in crop yield as well as a 35 per cent increase in average plant size.

The hub will be used to test the RZTO approach on seedlings and mature plants and to trial its world-first off-grid Irrigation by Condensation (IBC) technology on staple crops. That system is capable of growing and sustaining entire growth cycles of food – all without any water input, even in the middle of the desert.

Roots CEO and co-founder Dr Sharon Devir said the research hub would enable the company to develop additional products and take them to market quicker than in the past.

“[The hub] positions us as a serious global agri-tech innovator, allowing us to test a broader range of crops in controlled environments and demonstrate the diversity of crops that can benefit from our innovative solutions.”

The Ramat Negev Research and Development Centre in Southern Israel has also chosen Roots’ RZTO heating and cooling system for use in their research facility.

“We are not alone in being confident that our RZTO system is the technology to provide systemic results that help optimise crop yields under different conditions. Our RZTO system sale will provide Ramat Negev with the capability to optimise their testing of new crop possibilities.”


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