A Chinese company is trying to rally Australian investor appetite for Mongolian sheep and “vegetable meat”.

Hao Xian Yang Limited is looking to raise $1- $1.5 million selling shares at 20c before listing on the National Stock Exchange (NSX).

Last week another China-focused business, D-Full Holding Group, announced plans to list a skincare and beauty retailer on NSX. The NSX is Australia’s second stock market with 83 listed companies.

Hao Xian Yang is from Inner Mongolia, a province of China, and sells pre-packaged sheep and beef cuts to Chinese buyers.

But it also reckons it is going to look into “vegetable meat, which is similar in taste to traditional red meat but not dependent on traditional red meat ingredients”.

As to why a Chinese company selling exclusively in China wants to list in Australia, Hao Xian Yang says in its prospectus that it wants to tap into the $1 billion Aussie-China sheep and beef trade by setting up an import-export arm here.

An Australian IPO over a Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong listing would also “assist the group to raise capital to support its business expansions… enhance company’s brand image to receive increased recognition… [and] provide provide the group with ongoing access to capital markets.”

After listing, the four founders, husband and wife Zhizhong Fan and Chen Zhang, Mr Fan’s mother Chunhua Zheng and his cousin Yongliang Lv will own between 55 per cent and 62 per cent.

Stockhead is seeking comment from the company’s lead IPO manager AGC Capital Securities, as the company does not have a local representative.

The company will look at exporting to China most of the buzz products currently sending investors crazy over China focused stocks — seafood, milk powder, lamb, beef, health products and wine.

The company’s revenue jumped from under $1 million in 2016 to $2.5 million in 2017 due to a change in sales strategy. Losses however blew out from $566,000 to $1.2 million.

Out of the ASX and onto the NSX

Australia has seen a rash of Chinese companies looking to IPO here over the past few years but not all have succeeded.

Last week Winha Trade and Commerce (ASX:WQW) agreed to delist and XPD Soccer Gear Group (ASX:XPD) replaced its entire board after ASX and shareholder problems, in order to remain listed here.

Ding Sheng Xin Finance Co was also delisted this year after failing to extract money from China to pay its Australian bills.

So far this year the only company with China ties to list on the ASX is Star Combo Pharma (ASX:S66) after the ASX began tightening listing rules.

Of the NSX’s 83 companies it counts at least four Chinese businesses already on its books.

The NSX has been contacted for comment.