Junior oil producer Triangle Energy has reported a “Level 1” oil spill from its operations in Western Australia’s Perth Basin and has had to shut down production.

Severe weather and sea conditions caused a small crack in the flow meter on the CH6 Well that resulted in a loss of produced fluid (a mix of water and oil), Triangle (ASX:TEG) told investors after market close on Wednesday.

The incident occurred early Tuesday morning at the Cliff Head Alpha offshore platform located about 14km offshore in the Perth Basin, around 300km north of Perth.

Under the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies, the incident is classified as a Level 1 (low level) oil spill, which is in the range of zero to 10,000 litres, according to Triangle.

“Current estimates reflect the lower end of this range,” the company said.

Triangle Energy (ASX:TEG) shares over the past year.
Triangle Energy (ASX:TEG) shares over the past year.

Triangle says it is implementing oil pollution mitigation measures and strategies to reduce the potential environmental impacts of the spill.

“At this stage, Triangle is of the opinion that environmental impact will be negligible due to containment on the platform itself and the extreme sea conditions which naturally dissipate this type of fluid,” the company said.

Stockhead is seeking comment.