Newly acquired seismic data has allowed Invictus to identify a substantial new shallow target in the Mukuyu prospect – formerly the Muzarabani prospect.

Interpretation of final data from the 2021 Cabora Bassa 2D seismic survey and concurrently reprocessed data from Mobil’s 1990 legacy dataset had identified the new target which demonstrated a strong Amplitude Versus Offset response that is coincident with the greater structural closure.

Strong AVO responses are typically indicative of gas-bearing reservoirs.

The data also confirmed the prospectivity of the large anticlinal Mukuyu prospect with extensive seismic anomalies identified at multiple levels, allowing Invictus Energy (ASX:IVZ) to develop both a well location and preliminary well trajectory for the Mukuyu-1 exploration well.

Mukuyu-1 (formerly Muzarabani-1) will target all the key levels at the prospect, which was previously estimated to host 8.2 trillion cubic feet and 247 million barrels of conventional gas-condensates.

Seismic survey findings

The seismic survey returned a very positive – and encouraging – amplitude anomaly association for the Mukuyu prospect with the previously identified Post Dande Lead A that was evident on a single vintage seismic line now extensively covered by multiple lines from the CB21 Survey.

The extent of the amplitude anomalies (up to 16km along strike and 15km along dip) are coincident with the greater structural closure at the Horizon 200 Level (Post Dande).

These terminate at approximately the same two-way time (TWT) across all the dip and strike lines which may indicate the presence of trapped hydrocarbons across the broader structure.

Large and robust

Meanwhile, Mukuyu has been clearly delineated as a large, robust, four-way dip anticline.

This has allowed the company to plan Mukuyu-1 as a deviated well that will test the prospect at multiple target levels along the well path on the southern flank of the structure.

Preparations to commence wellpad construction and civil works are well advanced with the contract awards completed and site surveying underway.

CB21 also identified an array of prospects and leads along the basin margin, most of which are supported by anomalous seismic amplitude behaviour and the interpretation is being matured.

Invictus will assess each of the basin margin prospects and select the most suitable candidate to be drilled as the second well in the 2022 drilling campaign.




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