Here’s the latest from one of the most-watched drills of 2022, the Anshof-3 exploration well.  

Spudded on December 18. It’s Day 23 of the drill, located in the ADX-AT-II license in Upper Austria, about 10km’s from Voitsdorf loading station.

Executive Chairman Ian Tchacos’ team is now just a few cm’s from hitting two and a half kilometres.

The Aussie listed energy producer is focused on becoming a leading European energy producer and a global provider of energy solutions for a low carbon society.

With projects also across Romania and Italy, the focus has been in Austria where ADX last week hit an oil zone and a gas zone of interest, based on preliminary results from drilling data at Anshof-3.

Those results indicate the discovery of oil over a primary Eocene oil target and a shallower potential gas reservoir.

Importantly, the final drill depth of the well allows sufficient open hole at the bottom of the well (Rathole) to accommodate electric line logging operations and enables the evaluation of the deepest potential hydrocarbon-bearing zones observed in the well.

ADX Energy (ASX:ADX)  says other operations have included conditioning the 8 ½ inch hole in preparation for electric line logging where work has been delayed due to well bore instability.

Zones of interest

On January 5, the following preliminary results from Anshof-3 drilling data were released, these featured a 9m gross interval with oil shows encountered at the primary Eocene oil target; and a 20m gross interval with potentially good reservoir quality encountered with strong gas shows within imbricated Miocene formations.

The abovementioned intervals exhibited hydrocarbon shows, indicative of moveable hydrocarbons based on extensive experience within the basin.

This Eocene oil reservoir and other geological markers such as Top Oligocene and Top Cretaceous have been encountered as predicted, further confirming the presence of a large structure as mapped predrill on 3D seismic.

Looking ahead

Current operations are electric line logging of 8 ½ inch hole from a depth of 331m to TD in the crystalline basement of around 2499m.

The aim is to determine the productive potential of the intersected reservoirs and confirm the likelihood of moveable hydrocarbons across the various zones of interest.




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