Here’s our weekly look at which ASX small cap directors are buying or selling their own stock (week of Oct 8):

There were only two small cap directors on millionaire’s row last week but — as a pleasant change — one was a woman.

Women make up a tiny proportion of ASX small cap director trades.

It’s a factor that reflects the hundreds of small cap boards — yes, hundreds — that are haven’t yet considered the other 50 per cent of the talent pool.

This week Christine Parkes became a millionaire after Total Face Group (ASX:TFG) bought her company for 51.7m shares, worth $2.6m.

But did Total Face acquire Ms Parkes, or was it the other way around? Ms Parkes is now CEO and managing director of the listed company, which is worth about $13.8m.

Of the 30-odd million-dollar deals we’ve noted in this column over the past two months three have been made by women.

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In September Dawn Edmonds pocketed $1.5m in September selling Rhipe (ASX:RHP) shares and Carol Zhang director accepted $2m worth of stock in lieu of debt at Vango Mining (ASX:VAN).

And now back to #himtoo.

Jumbo Interactive (ASX:JIN) boss Mike Veverka last week exercised 150,000 options with a 29c strike price.

The stock was trading at $7.46 on Friday. He came out $2.1m up after selling just under 300,000 shares.

Mr Ververka made some large purchases in June and September in the Internet lottery company by exercising options, and started selling in late September.

Avenira (ASX:AEV) directors David Mimran, Timothy Cotton and Farouk Chaouni have between them spent $1.3m in the miner, after companies they wholly control bought into a capital raising to support its Senegal phosphate project.

Mr Cotton and Mr Chaouni together own most or all of Vulcan Phosphates and Baobab Group, while Mr Chaouni owns Tablo Corp.

They are part of a massive seven-person board — the company is only worth $18m — as the three men control 44.14 per cent of Avenira.

One to watch is Alex Waislitz at Thorney Technologies (ASX:TEK).

While last week’s purchase wasn’t large, he has made a flurry of purchases in the tech investor since the end of September.

It’s diversion from his usual form: Thorney backdoor listed on to the ASX in 2016 and Mr Waislitz made only one trade a year until September 24 this year.

In three smallish trades, Mr Waislitz bought 525,000 shares, all for 24c each, or a total of $124,164.

He owns 22.3 per cent of Thorney.

Here’s a list of notable ASX small cap director trades made last week:

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ASX code Company Director Change Date Volume $ Where Total holdings controlled
CAY Canyon Resources Phillip Gallagher Buy Oct 5 5m 410000 Exercise options 12.4
CAY Canyon Resources Phillip Gallagher Sell Oct 5 2.4m 410000 Off market 7.4m
GMY Goldfields Money Simon Lyons Buy Sept 17 298,000 387400 Placement 929,333
MNY Money 3 Scott Baldwin Sell Oct 2 180,938 402663 On market 4.4m
AEV Avenira Farouk Chaouni Buy Oct 8 33.3m 666666 Placement 14m
AEV Avenira David Mimran Buy Oct 8 33.3m 666666 Placement 225.6m
AEV Avenira Timothy Cotton Buy Oct 8 33.3m 666666 Placement 14m
EOS Electro Optic Systems Ian Dennis Sell Oct 5 85,025 266086 On market 290,180
BNR Brainchip Steven Liebeskind Buy Oct 9 900,000 108000 Convert performance rights 11.6m
BNR Brainchip Louis DiNardo Buy Oct 9 2m $280,000 Convert performance rights 15m
BNR Brainchip Adam Osseiran Buy Oct 9 900,000 108000 Convert performance rights 9.3m
BYE Byron Energy William Sack Buy Oct 5 1.7m 452000 Exercise options 3.6m
ENM Euro Manganese Marco Romero Buy Oct 2,3,4 916,000 215735 On market 9.3m
GBZ GBM Resources Peter Thompson Buy Oct 9 10m 500000 Placement 24.2m
GBZ GBM Resources Neil Morris Buy Oct 9 10m 500000 Placement 24.1m
TFG Total Face Group Christine Parkes Buy Oct 8 51.7m 2586277 Acquisition 51.7m
TEK Thorney Technologies Aex Waislitz Buy Oct 9 75,687 18164 On market 57.4m
JIN Jumbo Interactive Mike Veverka Buy Oct 3 150,000 525000 Exercise options 9.5m
JIN Jumbo Interactive Mike Veverka Sell Oct 3 294,232 2317069 On market 9.4m
5GN 5G Networks Albert Cheok Buy Oct 10 250,000 150000 Debt conversion to equity 2.5m
FDM Freedom Oil and Gas Nigel Smith Buy Oct 9,10,11 1m 182980 On market 6m
IOD IODM Mark Reilly Buy Oct 9 10m 140000 Off market 33.3m
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