Christmas is the busiest time of the year for shoppers and the stock market is no different.

Leading the pack this week was a quartet of directors from New Zealand-based pre-school provider Evolve Education (ASX:EVO).

In a $19m placement, Chris Scott dropped $3.2m and Timothy Wong bought $4m worth of shares. Following was Adrian Fonseca with $292,500 and Chris Sacre with $370,000.

One of this year’s best IPOs was Aerometrex (ASX:AMX) which nearly doubled on its debut and has held its ground. The company has been in business for nearly four decades and is listing because it did not want to put the brakes on its growth.

Mark Lindh had 100,000 worth of shares in the company worth $100,000 which has nearly doubled in conjunction with the share price. Last week he bought nearly $100,000 more on market.

Ocean Grown Abalone (ASX:OGA), the only ASX stock selling abalone (a type of sea snail), saw Ignazio Ricciardi buy $238,639 worth of shares on market.

Dental stock Pacific Smiles Group (ASX:PSQ) has had a good year, gaining 37 per cent. Director Benjamin Gisz, who is a representative of major shareholder TDM Growth Partners, bought $577,500 on market last week.

A pair of directors from construction services provider Tempo Australia (ASX:TPP) bought stock in time for Christmas as well. Guido Belgiomo-Nettis bought $1.5m, while David Iverach bought $273,809.

You may remember Asimwe Kabunga from Lindian Resources (ASX:LIN), who bought $200,000 worth of shares last month. Last week he bought $131,570 in another one of his companies – Volt Resources (ASX:VRC).



While the infant formula sector has had a difficult year, Clover Corporation (ASX:CLV) has been one of the few performers, nearly doubling since last year. Peter Davey cashed out, selling $391,595.

The two other directors who made big sales this week both came from the same company. Champion Iron’s (ASX:CIA) William O’Keefe and David Cataford sold over $2m each.

But the pair exercised over $1m in options between them and the sale will fund the acquisition as well as the associated tax bill.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
PAC Pacific Current Group Jeremiah Chafkin Buy 13 December 19,882 $129,372 On market
CIA Champion Iron William O'Keefe Sell 11 December 1,000,000 $2,711,464 On market
CIA Champion Iron David Cataford Sell 9 December 900,000 $2,187,000 On market
PSQ Pacific Smiles Group Benjamin Gisz Buy 11 December 350,000 $577,500 On market
AMX Aerometrex Mark Lindh Buy 13 December 46,750 $99,578 On market
CLV Clover Corporation Peter Davey Sell 18 December 155,600 $391,595 On market
TPP Tempo Australia Guido Belgiorno-Nettis Buy 13 December 38,474,711 $1,538,988 Placement
TPP Tempo Australia David Iverach Buy 13 December 6,845,216 $273,809 Placement
KGL KGL Resources Peter Hay Buy 17 December 3,362,713 $773,424 Rights Issue
VRC Volt Resources Asimwe Kabunga Buy 17 December 13,157,004 $131,570 On market
EVO Evolve Education Group Adrian Fonseca Buy 19 December 2,250,000 $292,500 Placement
EVO Evolve Education Group Chris Sacre Buy 19 December 2,846,154 $370,000 Placement
EVO Evolve Education Group Chris Scott Buy 19 December 25,215,384 $3,278,000 Placement
EVO Evolve Education Group Timothy Wong Buy 19 December 30,770,000 $4,000,100 Placement
OGA Ocean Grown Abalone Ignazio Ricciardi Buy 19 December 1,835,682 $238,639 On market
AMO Ambertech Peter Wallace Buy 19 December 1,730,350 $190.338.52 Placement
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