Directors trades can be a bet, in direct defiance of the market. Well, this was particularly true with Speedcast (ASX:SDA) director Pierre-Jean Beylier.

The company has continued to drop since its last major crash in July, but he made a $174,6o9 purchase on market.

Olivers’ Real Foods (ASX: OLI) CEO Jason Gunn sold another $114,290 in shares. But this was to lend to the company to keep it afloat while its cash reserves were depleted.

After several quarters of losses (and an associated share price decline), the company intends to be profitable this quarter.

Two weeks after Intellihr (ASX:IHR) reached 10,000 subscribers, the stock briefly spiked but began to fall. Robert Bromage bought $100,000 in a capital raise. He agreed to back in April and the shareholders signed off last week.

Dual listed miner Champion Iron (ASX:CIA) filed its feasibility study for its Bloom Lake iron ore project with the Canadian government a few weeks after revealing it to shareholders. Director William O’Keefe bought $120,874 on market last Thursday – three days afterwards.

Gimme the gold

One day after Ardea Resources’ (ASX:ARL) most recent gold discovery, Ian Buchorn bought $217,800 off market. But the company, wishing to focus more on its West Australian projects, intends to spin-off its New South Wales assets.

Another two gold company directors who bought were Bellevue Gold’s (ASX: BGL) Raymond Shorrocks and Stephen Parsons. They did so by exercising options worth $805,821 and $350,000 respectively.

The gold explorer has had a busy August with a large gold discovery and presenting at Diggers and Dealers.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
IHR Intellihr Robert Bromage Buy 9 August 833,333 $100,000 Placement
CIA Champion Iron William O'Keefe Buy 8 August 50,000 $120,874 On market
OLI Oliver's Real Foods Jason Gunn Sell 8 August 2,589,541 $114,290 On market
BGL Bellevue Gold Raymond Shorrocks Buy 9 August 5,903,450 $805,821 Options exercise
BGL Bellevue Gold Stephen Parsons Buy 9 August 10,000,000 $350,000 Options exercise
SDA Speedcast Pierre-Jean Beylier Buy 9 August 100,000 $174,609 On market
ARL Ardea Resources Ian Buchorn Buy 13 August 660,000 $217,800 Off market
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