As much as the lifestyle and tourism sectors have been hit by COVID-19, Ingenia (ASX:INA) has been one exception.

Ingenia operates retirement living and holiday parks across Australia and it has benefited from the domestic tourism boom as well as the trend of city slickers moving to regional areas post COVID-19.

It made revenue of $295.6 million and a profit of $72.8 million in FY21 enabling it to pay a healthy dividend. Director John McLaren instead of taking the cash opted to participate in the dividend reinvestment program.

He ended up with over $1.7 million more in shares.


Other buyers

Also buying in a dividend reinvestment plan was Brett Cairns from Magellan (ASX:MFG) who ended up with $680,640 worth. He also bought $372,000 shares in a separate on market transaction just one day prior.

Toll road operator TransUrban (ASX:TBN) had two directors that bought shares in the past fortnight – Timothy Reed who outlaid $211,307 on market and Lindsay Maxsted who bought $130,455 worth in a rights issue.

Purchasing together were Richard Jenkins and Christopher Fong from Range International (ASX:RAN) who spent $294,331 and $117,498 in a rights issue.

The biggest buyer came in $16m security stock Threat Protect (ASX:TPS) which saw Peter Keenan take up nearly $3.6 million in his company’s rights issue.

Sherman Ma from lender Liberty Financial (ASX:LFG) bought nearly $1.3 million in shares on market while Justin Werner from Nickel Mines (ASX:NIC) bought $500,000 on market.

Paul Wilson from diversified health company Healthia (ASX:HLA) bought $570,731 in a rights issue.

And Robert Bromage from Bevan Slattery backed HR tech stock IntelliHR (ASX:IHR) bought $1.5 million off market.



There were only three directors who made major sales but all of them were over $1 million.

BrainChip (ASX:BRN) director Peter Van Der Made parted with over $3.6 million in shares in the second part of a planned trade to fulfil personal commitments.

Antonluigi Gozzi, co-founder of Livehire (ASX:LVH), sold just over $1 million to fulfil “personal commitments”.

And Challenger (ASX:CGF) boss Richard Howes also sold over $3 million in shares. Although this trade has not been explained yet, he handed in his resignation in August but will not be leaving until March next year.