Lev Mizikovsky has cracked the 50 per cent mark in the Queensland house builder he founded.

He has been buying up stock in Tamawood since November when the company hit a self-described “perfect storm”.

Now he owns 51.3 per cent of the company after reinvesting all of his dividends.

John Scull isn’t exactly the owner of the 23m shares Southern Cross Venture Partners sold in Bigtincan (ASX:BTH) last week, but he does own more than 20 per cent of the Silicon Valley investor.

Bigtincan COO Vivian Stewart did not know why its major shareholder sold and Southern Cross did not respond to requests for comment.

But the company has seen a share price run since mid-February and the venture capital firm was able to sell at levels near Bigtincan’s 52-week share price highs.

It was the same situation at Capricorn Metals (ASX:CMM) where director Timothy Kestell ‘bought’ $218,498 of stock over the last week.

In fact, he’s a major shareholder and one of the top dogs at Neon Capital, which succeeded in turfing the old board in March and installing Kestell and two other new faces in the Capricorn boardroom.

Neon actually sold out, before the buying began again in Kestell’s name last week.

The new board is looking at past “failed transactions” and says it will consider some of the takeover offers coming in once they’ve shored up company finances — but not yet, as they rejected one offer earlier this month.

InPayTech (ASX:IP1) chairman Don Sharp bought $442,000 of shares in an entitlement offer, a type of capital raising where current shareholders are allowed to buy more shares in a special offer.

A little over a year ago InPayTech found out a major client had dumped it after reading about it in Stockhead.

It managed to claw its way back, delivering a 6.8 per cent half year revenue bump in February this year, but had to write off $6.8m worth of ‘goodwill’ due to delays in releasing its new product.

The capital raising Sharp bought into was set up to keep developing the payments software company’s three products and to provide some cash for the day to day, as at the end of March the company had just $546,000 left in the bank.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What Total holdings controlled
TWD Tamawood Lev Mizikovsky Buy 18 April 1,210,644 $4,176,359 Dividend Reinvestment plan 14157740
BTH Bigtincan Holdings John Scull Sell 15 April 22,925,568 $1,680,000 Off market 18,925,568
IP1 Integrated Payment Technologies Donald Sharp Buy 18 April 44,212,437 $442,124 Capital raising 88424874
GDG Generation Development John Wheeler Buy 17 & 13 April 500,000 $275,625 On market 10,510,000
INR Ioneer John Hofmeister Buy 15-18 April 1,151,231 $239,456 On market 1,461,231
CMM Capricorn Metals Timothy Kestrell Buy 15-24 April 3,046,541 $218,498 On market & capital raising 20,003,999
MNS Magnis Energy Technologies Mark Vogts Buy 26 April 500,000 $128,750 On market 1,964,759
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