It was millionaire’s row last week in small cap land, with four multi-million dollar trades and one that was pretty close.

But the item that caught our eye was a $100,460 trade at Recce Pharmaceuticals (ASX:RCE).

The director, James Graham, is 29 years old and said the amount was a considerable financial commitment for him, but:

“Rather than use my savings to put down a deposit on a house, I am backing what I believe is set to become a great Australian business success story.”

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is — or in his case, a future place to sleep.

Mr Graham now owns almost 5 per cent of the company, the vast majority of which has been bought with his own funds.

“Our trading policy was clear in disqualifying my participation in the recent capital raising as directors only have a window of a few weeks throughout the year to buy and sell – instead saw me a 10 per cent premium on-market – I’m ok about that,” he told Stockhead.

As we started banging on about in 2017, millennials are coming round to stocks over property — the ones who moved early on that theme will certainly be patting themselves on the back about that right now — and it’s still a thing today, just cooler apparently.

On to the millionaires.

Millionaire row

Crater Gold Mining (ASX:CGN) chair Sam Chan spent about $13m in a capital raising last week.

However, included in the latest trading note were notices for two other trades as well, in 2016 and 2014 which were apparently only picked up when they were preparing the latest 3Y appendices.

In 2016, somehow they missed a $2m trade.

Since mid-2015 Crater has only issued eight director interest notices and two of those were late, so maybe they were out of practice.

Mike Ververka continued his habit of making a motza out of his options.

The Jumbo Interactive (ASX:JIN) chief has now made $15.5m since September by exercising options and selling off the shares; it’s cost him $5.4m.

He still has 250,000 options left, but the way he’s spending them they won’t last long.

Hot pants on the sex machine

And finally the boss of lithium player Altura Mining (ASX:AJM) has sold off 1.2m shares, making a tidy $572,514.

Remember James Brown who was buying from last week? Yeah, him.

Altura pre-empted any questions with a nothing-to-see-here note, saying it’s the first sale he’s made since he joined the board in 2011 and he only did it to buy into the recent $28m capital raising, destined to help with the final push to hit nameplate production capacity.

Data collated with Nick Sundich.

CodeCompanyDirectorChangeDateVolume$WhatTotal holdings controlled
AJMAltura MiningJames BrownSell27-Feb1.2m$572,514On market29m
IRLImpelus Brendan BirthistleBuy28-Feb22m$242,457On market143m
E2EEon NRGMark StowellBuy6-Mar26m$182,000Capital raising52m
DGODGO GoldBruce ParncuttBuy5-Mar552,829$359,338Capital raising4.2m
DGODGO GoldEduard EshuysBuy3-Jan & 5-Mar389,711$253,312Capital raising2.7m
BBNBaby BuntingMatthew SpencerSell1-Mar95,000$222,652On market1.3m
CVVCaravel MineralsAlasdair CookBuy1-Mar2m$102,576Capital raising16.4m
FCTFirstwave Cloud TechnologySimon MooreBuy7-Mar3.2m$150,000Board Issue3.2m
IMDImdexAnthony WoolesSell1-Mar250,000$290,000On market1m
RCEReece PharmaceuticalsJames GrahamBuy7-Mar650,000$100,460On market4.3m
WATWaterco Benjamin Francis HuntSell7-Mar200,000$400,000On market170,223
CGNCrater Gold MiningSam ChanBuy1-Mar892m $13mCapital raising1b
PPE People InfrastrutureThomas ReardonSell5-Mar500,000$1.2mOn market 3m
GDGGeneration Development GroupWilliam BessemerBuy25-28-Feb200,000$127,750On market12.6m
EMLEML PaymentsPeter MartinSell5-7-Mar850,000$1.4mOn market7.7m
RMYRMA GlobalDavid WilliamsBuy6-8-Mar859,003$180,391On market112.7m
JINJumbo InteractiveMike VeverkaBuy22 Feb-1 Mar200,000$700,000Exercise options9.6m
JINJumbo InteractiveMike VeverkaSell22 Feb-1 Mar213,308$2.2mOn market9.4m
NEUNeurotech InternationalSimon TrevisanBuy25-Feb-193.3m$100,000Capital raising8.7m
TASTasman ResourcesGregory and Douglas SolomonBuy1-Mar-199.4m$471,082Capital raising104m