Here’s our weekly look at which ASX small cap directors are buying or selling their own stock (week of Sep 3):


More than a dozen ASX small cap directors sold their stock last week. The four biggest trades of the week — each worth more than $1 million — were all sales.

Audio software maker Audinate (ASX:AD8) was front and centre, with early investors Starfish Ventures and Innovation Capital selling 21.5 million shares to new and existing institutional investors, representing 34.7 per cent of the company.

Starfish’s John Dyson sold 10.6 million shares totalling $37.2 million. It left him with 182,000 shares.

Audinate thanked the outgoing venture capital funds. “We welcome several new shareholders to the register at what is an exciting stage for the company’s growth,” it said in a statement.

Kogan (ASX:KGN) head honcho Ruslan Kogan and fellow board member David Shafer collectively sold 6.2 million shares in 0ff-market transactions, worth about $40 million. The sale sent Kogan shares down 10 per cent, but the pair remain the two biggest shareholders.

Kogan chairman Greg Ridder said it was part of a plan and that investors would enjoy added liquidity.

“It’s great to see our work continue to attract significant interest from both domestic and international shareholders who value our business strategy and execution,” he told investors.

A statement to the ASX said Mr Kogan and Mr Shafer “continue to have the majority of their personal wealth invested in the company”.

Scott McMillan, director at Alliance Aviation (ASX:AQZ), sold nearly 600,000 shares, worth $1.3 million.

There was no reason given for the sale. Mr McMillan was also active just a fortnight ago, when he and chairman Stephen Padgett sold $1.5 million worth of stock.


On the buy side, KGL Resources (ASX:KGL) directors were picking up plenty of stock during the week. Denis Wood, Peter Hay and Fiona Murdoch bought about $120,000 worth of stock, totalling 380,140 shares.

It was a similar story at Redflex (ASX:RDF), with directors buying over $807,000 worth of stock. That was mostly thanks to Adam Gray buying 1.9 million shares, with Clare Davey and Robert DeVincenzi buying smaller amounts.

Robert Schuitema, a director at Phoslock Water Solutions (ASX:PET), sold 1.7 million shares, making a tidy profit of $717,825. The off-market sale was for “family matter, taxes and other purposes”.

Back in March, Mr Schuitema sold $441,630 worth of stock to fund tax payments for his company Sail Ahead. He told Stockhead at the time that it was the first time he’d sold in 12 years aside from exercising options.

He said he found it frustrating when staff or managers of listed companies were made to feel guilty for selling down — when often they were paid largely in performance options.

He now controls 11 million shares.

Alex Waislitz was at it again, with the Thorney Opportunities (ASX:TOP) director buying 92,258 shares on market for $62,735.

More than $87 million worth of stock was bought and sold since the market opened on Monday the 3rd of September, with each trade being worth more than $760,000.

Here is a list of recent ASX small cap director trades:

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ASX code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What Total holdings controlled
ACF Acrow Peter Lancken Buy 29-Aug 345,000 152058 On-market 5.8M
AD8 Audinate John Dyson Sell 30-Aug 10.6M 37185952 Special crossing 182K
AGY Argosy Minerals Alex Molyneux Buy 3-Sep 5M 0 Performance rights 25M
AIS Aeris Resources Mark Derwin Buy 30-Aug 183,500 51553 On-market 183K
AVG Australian Vintage John Davies Buy 3-Sep 100,000 0.57 Not specified 400K
CGR CML Group Geoffrey Sam Buy 30-Aug 25,000 13496 On-market 1.9M
CND Clarius Group Craig Saphin Buy 3-Sep 80,000 3760 On-market 231K
CRD Credible Labs Sally Chaplain Buy 31-Aug 25,000 24050 On-market 66K
HXG Hexagon Resources Charles Whitfield Buy 31-Aug 4,641 696 On-market 4.1M
IMA Image Resources Li Huang Cheng Buy 30-Aug 208,390 28133 On-market 132M
MAG Magmatic Resources David Berrie Buy 30-Aug 675,000 27000 Rights issue 12.7M
MAG Magmatic Resources David Richardson Buy 30-Aug 5M 200000 Rights issue 32.2M
MEA McGrath Peter Lewis Buy 3-Sep 86,662 32167 On-market 87K
PPK PPK Group Robin Levison Buy 30-Aug 20,000 6900 On-market 4.4M
PPK PPK Group Glenn Molloy Buy 29-Aug 50,000 17500 On-market 14.2M
RZI Raiz Invest Peter Fay Buy 3-Sep 25,000 23750 On-market 3M
SDX Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Geoffrey Cumming Buy 28-Aug 282,954 16977 Rights issue 1.3M
SDX Sienna Cancer Diagnostics David Earp Buy 28-Aug 44,445 2667 Rights issue 178K
SDX Sienna Cancer Diagnostics John Chiplin Buy 28-Aug 40,000 2400 Rights issue 240K
SDX Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Carl Stubbins Buy 28-Aug 64,659 2680 Rights issue 179K
SLM Salmat Bart Vogel Buy 31-Aug 100,000 71078 On-market 100K
EXU Explaurum Chris Baker Buy 31-Aug 1.2M 37440 Exercise options 1.4M
GMR Golden Rim Kathryn Davies Buy 31-Aug 300,000 7020 On-market 300K
WCN White Cliff Minerals Michael Langoulant Buy 31-Aug 15.4M 46147 Off-market 90.6M
SLR Silver Lake Resources Luke Tonkin Sell 29-Aug 846,353 412619 On-market 1.4M
AQZ Alliance Aviation Services Scott McMillan Sell 31-Aug 596,208 1340062 On-market 3.8M
BID BidEnergy Guy Maine Buy 31-Aug 95,500 12893 On-market 650K
BWF BlackWall Robin Tedder Buy 31-Aug 191,707 173466 On-market 9.2M
CCV Cash Converters Andrea Walters Buy 4-Sep 50,000 16250 On-market 119K
CND Clarius Group Jennifer Elliott Buy 4-Sep 200,000 9200 On-market 250K
CYG Coventry Group Neil Cathie Buy 29-Aug 3,000 3930 On-market 260K
IKE ikeGPS Group Bruce Harker Buy 29-Aug 63,825 33203 Share placement 380K
IKE ikeGPS Group Frederick Lax Buy 29-Aug 63,825 33203 Share placement 236K
IKE ikeGPS Group Glenn Milnes Buy 29-Aug 63,825 33203 Share placement 871K
IKE ikeGPS Group Richard Christie Buy 29-Aug 19,155 9961 Share placement 144K
IKE ikeGPS Group Chris Birkett Buy 29-Aug 31,926 16602 Share placement 122K
MEL Metgasco Philip Amery Buy 4-Sep 100,000 5800 On-market 4.1M
MYQ MyFiziq Vlaso Bosanac Buy 3-Sep 2M 0 Performance rights 2.4M
PBP Probiotec Wesley Stringer Buy 3-Sep 1M 500000 Exercise options 2M
PPE People Infrastructure Elizabeth Savage Buy 29-Aug 19,490 39760 On-market 19K
PSY Panorama Synergy Julie King Buy 28-Aug 375,000 15000 SPP 119M
RBO Robo 3D Braydon Moreno Buy 28-Aug 500,000 0 Approved by shareholders 18.5M
RBO Robo 3D Ryan Legudi Buy 28-Aug 3.7M 92000 Approved by shareholders 97.7M
RBO Robo 3D Tim Grice Buy 28-Aug 1.4M 35500 Approved by shareholders 10.6M
RDF Redflex Holdings Clark Davey Buy 4-Sep 104,200 41236 On-market 349K
SMR Stanmore Coal Stewart Butel Buy 31-Aug 100,950 89526 On-market 301K
STM Sunstone Metals Malcolm Norris Buy 31-Aug 200,000 6200 On-market 12.6M
VMX Valmec Steve Dropulich Buy 31-Aug 150,000 42281 On-market 6M
HIP Black Mountain Resources Maurice Feilich Buy 3-Sep 1M 14500 On-market 16.5M
ISD Isentia Travyn Rhall Buy 3-Sep 300,000 111000 On-market 600K
KGL KGL Resources Peter Hay Buy 30-Aug 292,000 99280 On-market 2.1M
KGL KGL Resources Fiona Murdoch Buy 4-Sep 30,000 1568 On-market 30K
KGL KGL Resources Denis Wood Buy 3-Sep 58,140 19768 On-market 22.4M
3PL 3P Learning Rebekah O'Flaherty Buy 5-Sep 12,000 14934 On-market 12K
AGE Alligator Energy Andrew Vigar Buy 31-Aug 1M 10000 On-market 7.3M
AHX Apiam Animal Health Jan Tennent Buy 31-Aug 35,000 19791 On-market 35K
ANO Advance Nanotek Lev Mizikovsky Buy 5-Sep 7,183 7117 On-market 25M
LCT Living Cell Technologies Robert Elliott Buy 4-Sep 123,000 3567 On-market 4.9M
LON Longtable Group Tony Robinson Buy 3-Sep 90,000 40383 On-market 920K
MRC Mineral Commodities Colin Hastings Buy 5-Sep 1M 0 Performance rights 1.2M
MRC Mineral Commodities Peter Torre Buy 5-Sep 1M 0 Performance rights 1.6M
PPG Pro-Pac Packaging Darren Brown Buy 5-Sep 465,368 100000 On-market 496K
PRT Prime Media John Hartigan Buy 5-Sep 42,750 10046 On-market 43K
SIO Simonds Group Kelvin Ryan Buy 30-Aug 39,141 16244 On-market 39K
SXA Strata-X Ron Prefontaine Buy 5-Sep 4M 200000 Approved by shareholders 12M
AOW American Patriot Alexis Clark Buy 4-Sep 1M 25000 Off-market 4.7M
ASG Autosports Group Marina Go Buy 6-Sep 20,000 30400 On-market 40.8K
ASG Autosports Group Nick Pagent Buy 3-Sep 204,500 330172 On-market 104M
CAB Cabcharge Louise McCann Buy 5-Sep 4,966 10759 On-market 29K
CGS Cogstate David Dolby Buy 5-Sep 1.6M 920550 Off-market 21.4M
CGS Cogstate Martyn Myer Buy 5-Sep 1.6M 920550 Off-market 21.4M
DTL Data#3 Will Powell Sell 4-Sep 62,366 102642 On-market 3.1M
ICG Inca Minerals Justin Walawski Buy 5-Sep 277,773 1389 Entitlement offer 3.3M
ICG Inca Minerals Ross Brown Buy 5-Sep 2.5M 12500 Entitlement offer 33.9M
IHL Impression Healthcare Peter Widdows Buy 29-Aug 4M 100000 Approved by shareholders 4M
IKE ikeGPS Alex Knowles Buy 29-Aug 721,154 375000 Placement 6.5M
ISX iSignthis Nick Karantzis Buy 5-Sep 149.6M 0 Approved by shareholders 223M
KGN Kogan Ruslan Kogan Sell 3-Sep 4.5M 28854391 Off-market 24.9M
KGN Kogan David Shafer Sell 3-Sep 1.7M 11208109 Off-market 9.5M
LVE Love Group Michael Ye Buy 5-Sep 267,502 25854 On-market 6.6M
MZN Marindi Metals Simon Lawson Buy 5-Sep 2.6M 20800 On-market 2.6M
NTC NetComm Wireless David Spence Buy 6-Sep 60,000 46776 On-market 85K
RDF Redflex Holdings Adam Gray Buy 31-Aug 1.9M 754948 On-market 37.8M
RHT Resonance Health Simon Panton Buy 6-Sep 1.3M 31765 On-market 72.5M
RIM Rimfire Pacific Mining Ian McCubbingBuy Buy 3-Sep 1M 11450 On-market 3.6M
SIO Simonds Group Kelvin Ryan Buy 3-Sep 7,736 3210 On-market 47K
TOP Thorney Opportunities Alex Waislitz Buy 4-Sep 92,258 62735 On-market 59M
VEE Veem Michael Bailey Buy 5-Sep 31,384 17647 On-market Not specified
SIV Silver Chef Allan English Buy 4-Sep 23,809 49993 On-market 8.9M
VMC Venus Metals Alan Birchmore Buy 5-Sep 500,000 100550 On-market 1.6M
NTC NetComm Wireless Stuart Black Buy 1-Sep 20,000 15303 On-market 220K
PET Phoslock Water Solutions Brenda Shanahan Buy 5-Sep 300,000 126000 Off-market 1.3M
PET Phoslock Water Solutions Robert Schuitema Sell 5-Sep 1.7M 717825 Off-market 11M
RDF Redflex Holdings Robert DeVincenzi Buy 31-Aug 28,000 11171 On-market 178K
GO2 The Go2 People Darren Cooper Buy 6-Sep 100,000 9600 On-market 500K
KNM Kneomedia Jeff Bennett Buy 6-Sep 1M 24000 On-market 809K
8IH 8I Holdings Ken Chee Buy 6-Sep 172,818 27927 On-market 87M
PPK PPK Group Robin Levison Buy 6-Sep 10,000 3300 On-market 4.4M
CGR CML Group Geoffrey Sam Buy 7-Sep 40,000 21180 On-market 1.9M
ADH Adairs Michele Cherubino Sell 5-Sep 150,000 370595 On-market 2.1M
MNS Magnis Resources Warwick Smith Buyu 7-Sep 138,200 50000 On-market 138K
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