Here’s our weekly look at which ASX small cap directors bought or sold their own stock (August 13-17):

Some 16 ASX small cap directors reported individual trades of more than $100,000 each last week.

Boss Resources (ASX:BOE) director Grant Davey won the pool with a $9.5 million sale.

The junior uranium explorer recently released 137 million shares held by Grant Davey from voluntary escrow to “facilitate additional support by existing Tier 1 institutional shareholders”.

Private Australian boutique investment fund Paradice Investment Management was the fortunate recipient.

The shares were part of the consideration paid to Mr Davey for the remaining 20 per cent stake in the Honeymoon mine. The rest of the 300 million shares remain in escrow — and he still owns 25 per cent of Boss.

Mr Davey used a tiny part of his millions to buy 76,900 shares in Matador Mining (ASX:MZZ), lifting his interest in that company to 1.5 million shares.

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ERM Power (ASX:EPW) chief Jonathan Stretch received the equivalent of $1.5 million of shares — last year.

The electricity generator said in an ASX statement that “an administrative oversight failed to lodge the related Appendix 3Y for the associated change in the beneficial interest in 1,193,357 shares on behalf of Jonathan Stretch”.

Last week was notable for the volume of big sales.

Baby Bunting director Gary Levin made $459,000 last week, Sunbridge Group’s Jiyan Xu made $276,000, and Nagambie Resource’s Michael Trumbell made a clean $100,000.

Holista Colltech director Chan Heng Fai has watched his shareholding in the company, via Global eHealth, slip from 24 per cent to 20 per cent, after a capital raising to get their ‘diet’ low GI noodles into the US and China.

Payment in stock

It wasn’t just share trades last week, as several companies handed out options and performance rights.

Melbana (ASX:MAY) chairman Andrew Purcell received 80 million options “as compensation for providing a personal guarantee over the loan agreement with Trans Asia Private Capital”.

Mr Purcell already owns 54 million shares in Melbana.

He was voted off the board of Metgasco after a conflict over the reason for the collapse of a proposed merger with Bryon Energy.

St George Mining handed out 60 performance rights to chairman John Prineas 20 each to Sarah Shipway and John Hronsky.

Mr Prineas’s convert into a total of 3 million actual shares, while the other two get 1 million each.

‘Administrative oversights’

At least five companies issued ASX statements about late lodging of documentation concerning director trades.

Reward Minerals and Mach7 Technologies both issued “administrative oversight” explanations for late submission two weeks ago, as did ERM Power.

Sabre Minerals said its director Robert Collins forgot to tell the company he’d made a trade in April before going on an overseas jaunt.

“This was an oversight by Mr Collins at the time,” Sabre said in an ASX statement. “It took place just before Mr Collins left for an extended overseas trip and he overlooked notifying the company. The Appendix 3Y was lodged immediately the company secretary became aware of the oversight.”

Niuminco managing director Tracey Lake said in an ASX announcement that he lodged his documents late because he was in and out of PNG at the time and a mine site’s Internet was down.

“The mine site suffered an internet outage from 6pm on Friday 10 August, until 4pm on Monday 13 August, 2018 making e-lodgement possible that evening, having by then become aware of my earlier oversight.”

Mr Lake says he’s hiring a company secretary to take the weight off his shoulders.

Expect explanations of late lodgings from at least three other ASX small caps this week.

Here’s a table of recent ASX small cap director trades:

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ASX code Company Director Change Date Volume $ Value Where Total holdings controlled
AC8 Auscann Bruce McHarrie Buy August 9 14,286 14994 Share purchase plan 114,286
BOE Boss Resources Grant Davey Sold August 9 135.9m $9.5m Off market 275m
CAV Carnavale Resources Ron Gajewski Buy August 7,9 and 10 4.3m 62982 On market and buying into capital raising 48.3m
CIA Champion Iron William O'Keefe Buy August 10 1m 300000 Exercise options 35.7m
EQE Equus Mining Edward Leschke Buy August 8 200,000 4786 On market 34.9m
FDM Freedom Oil & Gas Joseph Camuglia Buy August 9 300,00 54000 On market 23m
FDM Freedom Oil & Gas Roger Clarke Buy August 8 and 9 333,334 60000 On market 14.5m
HCT Holista CollTech Chan Heng Fai Buy August 7 1.1m 75710 Share purchase plan 46.2m
PAN Panoramic Resources Peter Harold Buy August 10 1.45m 0 Vested performance rights 6.7m
ADX ADX Andrew Childs Buy August 14 325,000 3259 Shares in lieu of remuneration 22.2m
ADX ADX Paul Fink Buy August 14 125,000 1250 Shares in lieu of remuneration 33.7m
ADX ADX Paul Fink Buy August 14 825,000 8250 Shares in lieu of remuneration 10.6m
AQX Alice Queen Andrew Buxton Buy August 8 and 10 1.29m 37244 On market 62m
ASN Anson Resources Bruce Mcleod Buy August 7 1.4m 34090 Exercise options 9.5m
BSR Bassari Resources Alexander Mackenzie Buy August 13 69,750 1451 Off market 62.1m
DEM De.Mem Cosimo Trimigliozzi Buy August 13 25,000 3500 On market 409,616
EMP Emperor Energy Carl Dumbrell Buy August 14 2m 6000 On market 50.2m
NAG Nagambie Resources Michael Trumbell Sold August 7 909,091 100000 Off market
NAG Nagambie Resources Michael Trumbell Buy August 14 1m 100000 Exercise options 3.4m
NIU Niuminco Group Tracey Lake Buy July 24 70m 139999 Rights issue and extinguish debt 395.8m
NIU Niuminco Group John Nethery Buy July 24 1m 2013 Rights issue 1m
NIU Niuminco Group Ian Plimer Buy July 24 20m 40000 Rights issue 114.9m
PPS Praemium Barry Lewin Buy August 14 100,000 90650 On market 315,000
SBB Sunbridge Group Jiyan Xu Sold August 10 23m 276000 Off market 172.8m
SCI Silver City Minerals Robert Besley Buy August 6 189,891 6000 On market 3.2m
SDV SciDev Kieran Rodgers Buy August 11 17m 100000 Share placement 40.2m
SRG SRG Michael Atkins Buy August 13 200,000 165400 Issue of securities 300,000
THD Thred Hersh Majteles Buy August 8 10m 25000 On market 22.7m
TNI Tando Resources Patrick Bourke Buy August 14 150,000 25530 On market 150,000
TNT Tesserent Stefano Bertamini Buy August 14 214,285 14999 Share purchase plan 1.6m
TNY TinyBeans Edward Geller Buy August 8 81200 44640 Share purchase plan 6.2m
WNR Wingara AG Mark Hardgrave Buy June 10 142,857 0 Private placement 142,857
ABV Advanced Braking Technology Adam Levine Buy August 10 1.9m 3888 Entitlement offer 7.8m
ADX ADX Ian Tchacos Buy August 14 125,000 1250 Shares in lieu of remuneration 42.9m
AHQ Allegiance Coal Mark Gray Buy August 14 50,000 2722 On market 23.2m
AKM Aspire Mining David Paull Buy August 15 400,000 10000 Exercise options 34.2m
AKM Aspire Mining Neil Lithgow Buy August 15 10m 250000 Exercise options 237.3m
ENA Ensurance Anthony Leibowitz Buy August 15 401,088 15256 On market 49m
NEU Neuren Pharmaceuticals Patrick Davies Buy August 10,13, and 14 69,646 100001 On market 69,646
NVA Nova Minerals Avrohom Kimelman Buy August 15 450,000 10350 On market 30m
SBR Sabre Resources Robert Collins Sold April 27 250,000 5500 Not specified 0
SMA SmartTrans Holdings Brendan Mason Buy August 9 1.4m 104774 Shares in lieu of remuneration 1.4m
SWJ Stonewall Resources Charles Guy Buy August 14 3.6m 67464 Shares in lieu of remuneration 4.2m
SWJ Stonewall Resources Bill Yang Buy August 14 5.3m 100500 Shares in lieu of remuneration 8.6m
SWJ Stonewall Resources Robert Thomson Buy August 14 1.8m 35000 Shares in lieu of remuneration 5.1m
SWJ Stonewall Resources Yang Liu Buy August 14 9.8m 186100 Shares in lieu of remuneration 140m
SWJ Stonewall Resources Trevor Fourie Buy August 14 15m 284100 Shares in lieu of remuneration 40.8m
TAU Trustees Australia Michael Hackett Sold August 9 1700 510 On market 19m
BOA Boadicea Resources Domenic De Marco Buy August 14 10,000 1200 On market 146,000
DCG Decmil Group Scott Criddle Buy August 16 441,592 0 Converted performance rights 6m
EPW ERM Power Jonathan Stretch Buy October 26, 2017 1.2m $1.5m Shareholder approved incentive plan
EPW ERM Power Jonathan Stretch Sold August 16 253,980 0 Shares forfeited under incentive plan 2.9m
HPR High Peak Royalties Andrew Carroll Buy August 16 100,000 4959 On market 9.2m
IRC Intermin Resources Jonathan Price Buy August 14 300,000 51000 Off market 4.8m
NEU Neuren Pharmaceuticals Jenny Harry Buy August 10 14,084 20584 On market 14,084
OEL Otto Energy Ian Boserio Buy August 9-14 500,000 36450 On market 2.6m
TON Triton Minerals Xingmin Ji Buy August 15 101,289 5246 On market 101,289
TTM Titan Minerals Matthew Carr Buy August 10 62.4m 0 Issue of Titan shares after Andina takeover 67.4m
TTM Titan Minerals Nicholas Rowley Buy August 10 18.5m 0 Issue of Titan shares after Andina takeover 23.5m
TTM Titan Minerals Cameron Henry Buy August 10 42,373 0 Issue of Titan shares after Andina takeover 42,373
COE Cooper Energy Elizabeth Donaghey Buy August 16 80,000 37200 On market 80,000
EMP Emperor Energy Carl Dumbrell Buy August 17 2m 6000 On market 52.2m
ENA Ensurance Anthony Leibowitz Buy August 16 500,000 19,029 On market 49.6m
MZZ Matador Mining Grant Davey Buy August 10 76,900 26180 On market 1.5m
BBN Baby Bunting Group Gary Levin Sold August 13 and 14 188,000 458654 On market 200,000
BBN Baby Bunting Group Donna Player Buy August 13 20,000 49122 On market 36,000
AHQ Allegiance Coal Mark Gray Buy August 15 and 17 51,722 2865 On market 23.2m
8IH 8I Holdings Ken Chee Buy August 15 and 16 53,474 5882 On market 86.5m
KLH Kalia David Johnston Buy August 16 625,000 5000 Off market trade between Vida Johnston Deceased Estate and David Johnston 19.3m
KME Kip McGrath Education Centres Diane Pass Buy June 26 30,000 18020 On market 30,000
ADX ADX Energy Robert Brown Buy August 14 325,000 3250 Shares in lieu of remuneration 5.2m
SCT Scout Security Anthony Brown Buy April 12 and August 13 350,000 90174 On market and off market issue of new shares 1.9m
STA Strandline Resources Luke Graham Buy August 15 2.8m 82500 Converted performance rights and shares issued as remuneration 4.5m
SXY Senex Energy Ian Davies Buy July 1, August 13 and 14 2.8m 255000 Exercise options and vesting performance rights and stock appreciation rights (SARs) 5.7m
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