Philippines-based crypto gaming league Yield Guild Games is buying US$1 million worth of Star Atlas gaming assets, saying the space-based sci-fi game could be the first blockstream-based title to win a mainstream audience.

YGG says it has already acquired several spaceships including Calico Guardian, the capital ships that are selling for around US$38,000. The guild has committed to buying an entire fleet, says YGG head of partnerships Sarutobi Sasuke.

“We believe that Star Atlas has the potential to become a leader in the play-to-earn space as it aims to offer a huge range of ways that players can participate in the game, in a valuable and meaningful way,” said Sasuke. “We are really excited for our community to jump in and make a mark,” he added.

Star Atlas is a metaverse-based game on the Solana blockchain that will be rendered using an early access version of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, described as the most advanced 3D creation platform for immersive experiences.

Unreal Engine 4 has been used extensively to create environments in gaming and movies, including Star Wars: Rogue One.


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Star Atlas says the game will offer players the opportunity to offer residual income from gameplay as part of the new play-to-earn trend.

“Our partnership with Yield Guild Games is bearing fruit for countless metaverse players worldwide, providing access to flourishing gaming communities based in the Philippines and throughout the world, while giving an opportunity to millions of players to create their own prosperity through Star Atlas,” said Star Atlas CEO and co-founder Michael Wagner.

“With the groundbreaking economics and governance model that goes much beyond ownership of assets, the ability to truly reap the rewards of their time and effort spent in the game will open an unprecedented array of possibilities for Star Atlas players and the socioeconomic model of the future.”

Emanate partners with Zed.Run company

Aussi EOS-based music sharing platform Emanate has teamed with Virtually Human Studios, the creation of the digital horse racing game Zed.Run, to commission and launch a debut synthwave album.

Emerging artist wtfhaks was commissioned to create 10 original tracks to complement the Zed.Run experience after the success of his track Peanut Butter Waffles, which

“For me, there is no better place to start with music than the metaverse. You’re more likely to reach a large diverse audience over the internet,” says wtfhaks.

“ZED RUN provided me with the inspiration and the space to express my style of work and an opportunity to see my art in action. Without Emanate, I wouldn’t be anywhere near these opportunities. The team have helped support me through personal struggles that impaired my work. This pushed my limits and made me realize how much I truly enjoy producing music and being a part of the

The two Web3 companies are discussing the integration of Emanate’s real-time payment engine and music catalogue into the ZED experience, allowing any artist on Emanate to be paid instantly when their music is consumed in the Zed.Run environment.