Hear from the industry’s best and brightest about the latest news in crypto and blockchain from Australia and around the world with Jonathon Miller, Managing Director of Kraken Australia.

Whether you haven’t yet bought your first bitcoin or want to better understand the latest defi token or development in blockchain, this show will go behind the scenes with founders, experts and industry professionals to explore the technology that powers the future of the web.

In this episode Jonathon speaks with Mark Pesce about where crypto all began. Mark has been there for it all as a professional futurist and public speaker. He co-invented the technology for 3D on the Web – laying the foundations for the metaverse – has written eight books and hosts the award-winning ‘The Next Billion Seconds’ podcast.

Mark talks with Jonathon about the first time he heard about Bitcoin’s precursor in 1994, the importance of peer-to-peer networking in the development of crypto, how Bitcoin came about, how blockchain works and the potential for these technologies to change the internet.

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