US influencer and socialite Paris Hilton has made another appearance on The Tonight Show in the US, chatting about Bored Apes and gifting the show’s audience with NFTs from her upcoming collection.

It’s the second time the famous hotel heiress has talked crypto on the show, having first explained non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to host Jimmy Fallon in an appearance late last year.

“[An NFT] is basically a digital contract on the blockchain… so you can sell anything from art, to music to experiences, physical objects…” Hilton explained to Fallon in August.

Fallon indicated he was interested but that he wouldn’t be diving into the NFT space. It turns out, however, that he bought himself a Bored Ape (from the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection) not long after.

In her latest appearance on the popular show, on January 25, Hilton revealed how much she loves being a part of the NFT community. The two celebs proceeded to gush, in typical Fallon style, about each other and their Bored Apes.

Bored Ape NFTs, incidentally, currently have a floor price of more than US$227,000. So probably not something the average Tonight Show audience member is going to rush out and buy. Still… maybe they can try to take advantage of a recent OpenSea marketplace bug and nab one for about US$2000. (Read more about that here.)

If they didn’t have one already, each audience member from that evening does, however, now have their first NFT, courtesy of a freebie from Hilton.

The socialite revealed to the chat show host that she’ll soon be dropping her first NFT collection with vinyl toy and digital collectibles outfit Superplastic. The series will be called “Forever Fairytale”.

“I think that’s the first NFT giveaway in television history,” responded Fallon who also received one of the NFTs, which is a collage of photos and memories with her husband Carter Reum.

A low-level whoop and holler from the audience ensued, quite possibly encouraged by a member of the production crew holding a sign saying “applause”.


What next? ‘Paris World’? Yes, actually

Paris Hilton is no noob when it comes to crypto and NFTs. Back in April last year, her “Iconic Crypto Queen” NFT sold for a whopping US$1.1 million. (Hmm, maybe the Tonight Show audience was genuine in their enthusiasm after all.)

More recently, Hilton has been exploring ideas in the metaverse, debuting her “Paris World” digital playground on the gaming platform Roblox on New Year’s Eve with an online DJ set.

“I think it’s important for people to not only be in the physical world but also to be in the digital world,” Hilton told Bloomberg earlier this week.

Paris World is described by Hilton as “a virtual oasis of fun, possibility and, of course, #sliving” (a term that she apparently coined, fusing “slaying” and “living”). 

The celeb’s digital realm is represented by an island where visitors/players can, among other things, roam a replica of the Paris Hilton mansion (the real one is in Beverly Hills).

“Paris World” on the Roblox platform. (Source: Paris Hilton/DXSH)