The team behind the hit mobile games “King of Avalon” and “Guns of Glory” are launching their own crypto-gaming multiverse platform, with their first game slated for release this month.

The Karmaverse will consist of seven different game worlds, each with its own “SLG” (simulated life game) design.

The first game to launch will be Kamaverse Zombie, a blockchain-based game featuring humans struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and mutants.

“Surviving humans have trained themselves to become fighters, banding together for survival in shelters and working to gradually eliminate the zombie threat,” Karmaverse says.

Other game worlds will be based on the Old West, cyberpunk, space exploration, the Far East and myth-inspired fantasy realms.

“Each universe in the Karmaverse is a self-contained gaming world, replete with its graphic style, history, storyline, characters, music, and maps,” Karmaverse says.

Player avatars and land in the game will be NFTs that can be publicly traded.

Karmaverse last month closed a $6 million private round led by A&T Capital, with participation from Foresight Ventures, Polygon Studios, Cao Zhen, OKX Blockdream Ventures, NFX, Mindfulness Capital, GSR Ventures, HashKey Capital, Fundamental Labs, Y2Z, L2Y, Altonomy and others.

The Karmaverse will be governed by holders of KNOT tokens.