The token for a next-generation decentralised crypto exchange was the best-performing crypto in September among the top 300 coins.

IDEX token, the No. 246 coin, was up 430.2 per cent last month. It was trading at US32.45c yesterday, up 843.8 per cent from the start of the year.

IDEX says its “hybrid liquidity DEX” will be launching soon on Polygon, offering a traditional order book experience without front-running.

Metahero was the second-best performer in September among the top 300 coins with a 245 per cent rise.

The No. 145 crypto, the HERO token will be used to pay for an upcoming sophisticated scanner systems for creating 3D avatars.

Gala, the No. 122 crypto, was close behind, rising 231.8 per cent. The token is used to influence the direction of Gala Games, a 60-person game studio founded by Zynga co-founder Eric Schiermeyer.

For the September quarter, Alchemy Pay (ACH) was the best performing top 300 token, rising 2,881 per cent, even though it was down 36.6 per cent last month.

The No. 235 token, Alchemy Pay is focused on merchant payment adoption.

DigitalBits was up 1,552 per cent for the quarter while Axie Infinity rose 1,169 per cent.

On the flip side, metaverse gaming token Alien Worlds was the worst-performing token in the top 300 last month, falling 52.6 per cent.

Online trading platform Zelwin dropped 49.5 per cent and NFT gaming platform token Mobox fell 49 per cent.

Zelwin was also the worst-performer for the quarter, with a 60 per cent drop.

Safemoon fell 57.5 per cent and Chia Network dropped 46.8 per cent.

Bitcoin fell 7.6 per cent in September but rose 30.4 per cent during the quarter.

Ethereum was down 6.5 per cent last month but up 44.2 per cent for the quarter.