Despite the crypto carnage that has seen many cryptocurrencies retreat 4o to 70 per cent from their recent highs, the 2021 bull run has been so strong that numerous tokens have still delivered amazing returns for the year.

Of the top 200 tokens, the best performer for 2021 is now BakerySwap (BAKE), the No. 120 crypto. It’s up 170-fold (!) for the year, even though the value of its BAKE token has declined from US$7 a few weeks ago to US$2.50 this afternoon. They were selling for just US1.5c at the start of the year.

The token powers the BakerySwap decentralised exchange, a competitor to Uniswap.

Telcoin, a token for remittances, is up 137-times its value from the start of the year.

Polygon (MATIC) is no longer a hundred-bagger given the crash, but was still up nearly 80 times its value from January 1, according to Cryptorank. MATIC tokens were trading for US$1.36 this afternoon, up from less than US2c at the start of the year.

(Stockhead has written about Polygon/MATIC, an Ethereum scaling solution, several times. It’s the No. 17 crypto).

Dogecoin takes the four spot, at least among cryptos in the top 200. It was changing hands today at US30c, down from a May 8 high of US71c, but up from under US1c at the start of the year. Of the top 10 cryptos, it’s been the best-performing year-to-date.

Harmony (ONE), another scaling solution for Ethereum, rounds out the top five with 24-fold gains.

Here’s the ten best-performing top 200 cryptos thus far in 2021, as listed by Cryptorank this afternoon.

Rank Coin 7 day performance Month YTD One-year
120 BakerySwap (BAKE) -62.90% 103.40% 16967.70% N/A
65 Telcoin (TEL) -36.50% 287.00% 13619.00% 6789.60%
16 Polygon (MATIC) -12.20% 269.20% 7859.90% 7077.40%
119 Ecomi (OMI) -41.90% -63.60% 6473.60% 7984.60%
6 Dogecoin (DOGE) -36.70% 25.10% 6453.80% 12440.90%
77 Harmony (ONE) -26.00% -0.80% 2296.10% 2849.10%
44 PancakeSwap (CAKE) -46.20% -51.80% 2090.90% N/A
142 Ergo (ERG) -32.30% 154.60% 1820.70% 4291.60%
18 Solana (SOL) -40.00% -23.50% 1709.70% 4839.00%
124 Bounce (BOT) -22.00% -51.30% 1645.40% N/A
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Only seven of the top 200 cryptos are in the red for the year, with five of those down by less than four per cent. The worst-performing coins in 2021 have been Ampleforth (AMP) and NEM (XEM), down 41.6 and 18.5 per cent, respectively.

(Ampleforth operates differently from every other crypto – the amount that holders own changes daily, in proportion to their wallet balance. So those who bought at the start at the year are not necessarily sitting on a loss).

Bitcoin is up 21 per cent year-to-date and Ethereum up 189 per cent.

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