Cryptocurrencies have reached their highest level since the brutal correction eight days ago, on El Salvador’s “Bitcoin day”.

The overall crypto market was up 3.5 per cent to US$2.29 trillion, with around 80 of the top 100 coins in the green.

Bitcoin was up 2.5 per cent to US$48,308, while Ethereum had gained 7.2 per cent to US$3,643.

Solana was flat at US$157 after yesterday’s outage and Polkadot was down two per cent to US$35.90, but all of other top 15 coins had gained ground.

The biggest winner in the top 100 was Horizen (ZEN), which had gained 25.6 per cent to US$106.35 after announcing that trading of the token would go live on Coinbase Pro at 2am AEST tomorrow.

Currently the No. 95 crypto, Horizen is a blockchain and smart contract ecosystem designed with privacy in mind.

Sushi was up 20 per cent to US$15.57, Avalanche had gained 11.6 per cent to US$58.79, and Polygon (MATIC) was up 9.7 per cent to US$1.48.

On the flip side, layer 1 blockchains Elrond, Tezos, Hedera Hashgraph and Harmony were all down between 8.8 and 6.1 per cent after a strong recent run.

Trader Joe‘s native token, JOE, had hit an all-time high of US$2.60 earlier this afternoon. The decentralised exchange is a fork of Uniswap on the Avalance platform, and its token is the No. 280 crypto.

Pangolin, the other big exchange on Avalance, was up 13.2 per cent to US$2.27, while Avalanche DEFI tokens Penguin Finance and Yield Yak were also up about 20 per cent.

‘Decision mode’ for BTC

Despite the gains, BTC chartist MICKrypto (formerly Bitcoin Charts) wrote on Twitter that the price action resembled that of the February to April run-up, which ended in a big crash.

“All in all, Bitcoin is in decision mode,” he wrote. “We’re stuck right in the middle of resistance. There are a lot more bullish technicals than bearish ones, but I remain cautious given how influential the bearish technicals can be.”

Calamari wins Kusama parachain slot

Elsewhere in crypto, Calamari Network has won the seventh parachain auction for a slot on Kusama, the experimental “chaos network” of Polkadot.

Calamari describes itself as the only on-chain privacy technology for Kusama, developed by the Manta Network, a team of crypto veterans.

“In short term, Manta will be a product that enables high-performance private DeFi transactions,” the project explains on its Medium page.

Liquidity boostrapping protocol Basilisk was leading the auction for the eighth parachain slot, with 11,396 wallets loaning the project 202,367 Kusama tokens (US$87 million).

The sixth slot was decisively won by KILT Protocol earlier this month.

Kusama is auctioning off five slots in this second round of parachain auctions, which run through October 6. The first round of auctions were held in June and July. Kusama holders who loaned their tokens to Moonriver (MOVR) were the biggest winners of that auction, enjoying huge returns.