There are all kinds of sentiment trackers for crypto – the Fear & Greed and Bitcoin Bull & Bear indexes are both good ones. But nothing beats memes to really read the room. Here are some we spotted on our Crypto Twitter rounds this week.

Hopium rules

Knocked back several times by the US$40K zone, Bitcoiners and the wider cryptoverse know all about rejection. And yet, general “hopium” seems to be alive and well. The Fear & Greed Index did shoot from Fear to Neutral after all…


There’s no point just blindly hoping for “parabolic” charts and “number go up”, though. It’s always important to look at a wide range of sources – both fundamental and technical analysis – so you can make the best possible investment decisions with your hard-earned fiat.

As Spike Lee told us recently, Do Your Own Research. Cryptoheads are always well across it…

… with well-considered decision making…

Shadowy super-coders

US Senator Elizabeth Warren might’ve said something vaguely positive about crypto for half a second this week, but she was mainly in Bitcoin bash mode, suggesting finance needs saving from “shadowy crypto super-coders”.


Mine craft

Bitcoin and crypto mining can be a bit of a WTF subject at the best of times, especially for “no-coiners”. But here’s one that keeps it pretty simple.

Unlike this one, which requires knowledge that ASIC isn’t solely an acronym for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. It’s also a Bitcoin mining rig – the Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. (Ahem… pushes thick-rimmed glasses back onto bridge of nose.)

Kirby Inu… that happened

We’re not necessarily saying new token Kirby Inu (KIRBY) is a complete and utter sh*tcoin, there could be more to it than hurts the eye…  but it launched, held a meme contest and hoped some prominent people in the space might respond.

Here’s one for the Kirby Inu team… their price chart this week…

‘The Dogefather’ tweets

And speaking of sh*tcoins having some dog-day afternoons in the price charts, we’ll give Elon Musk the last word – about his (and Burger King’s) favourite cryptocurrency…