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Morning Coinheads.

Why sell your house when you could just sell the NFT? A Florida woman is selling her home as an NFT in what is believed to be an American first. Just when you thought real estate couldn’t get more competitive…

Crypto was down across the board on Friday, ending a month-long high for Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the grass is looking greener over at Decentralised Social which has been having a fairly decent fortnight.

We examine price predictions for Anyswap, and India starts taxing crypto, but we still have… questions. Is this the year of the bear or the bull?

Let’s find out.


Should you sell your home as an NFT?

A Florida homeowner has sold a home as an NFT, in what’s believed to be among the first of such sales in the US.

Decentralised social (DESO) price prediction: can it rebound?

Decentralised Social (DESO) blockchain network token price ticked higher over the past two weeks as sentiment for the project strengthened.


US market Friday close: Crypto falls

Prominent cryptocurrencies were down across the board on Friday with Bitcoin off 2.74%, Ethereum off 5.93%, and Litecoin down 6.89%.


Anyswap (ANY) price prediction: Will the coin hold its momentum?

Backed by Fusion’s Decentralized Control Rights Management (DRCM) technology, Anyswap manages the flow of tokens between blockchains.


UK crypto news: BTC retreats after US$46K rejection

Bitcoin retreated after reaching its month-high, a rally that ended at the US$46,000 mark.


Crypto rally: Are bears in front, or will a bull run win out?

After hitting its six-month low in January, Bitcoin bounced up by 36.5% in two weeks. Are we witnessing a relief rally, or have the bulls seized control of the market?


Indian retail crypto investors confused by government’s plans

The Indian government’s 1 February announcement that it would tax cryptocurrency profits at 30% is said to have effectively legalised a market that previously operated in a grey area. But it still leaves many unanswered questions.


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