How’s this for adoption? The Circle K convenience store chain in North America has just formed a “long-term” partnership with US crypto ATM provider, Bitcoin Depot.

The crypto ATM company will install its self-service kiosks at thousands of Circle K locations across the USA and Canada, according to a press release. About 700 are already up and operating in 30 states.

The convenience store chain has about 10,000 stores in North America, as well another 5,000 or so worldwide and Bitcoin Depot plans to get 6,000 of the ATMs into American and Canadian stores before the end of the year.

With this kind of point-of-sale exposure, not to mention Spike Lee’s recent crypto ATM commercial, maybe hyperbitcoinisation will be with us sooner than we thought.


‘The best time to be is now’

The name Circle K should be well-known to fans of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, starring Bitcoin fan Keanu Reeves.

It’s at one of the stores where the eponymous dudes first meet “Rufus”, played by late comedian George Carlin, in his time-travelling phone box.

If only Rufus had advised them to use the time machine to travel ahead to a 2021-era Circle K. They could’ve learned about Bitcoin and then travelled back to 2011 when it was less than a dollar.

According to the press release, the Bitcoin Depot ATMs can give users “immediate access” to Bitcoin and over 30 different cryptocurrencies.

“Circle K understands that cryptocurrency will be a growing part of the future economy and payments landscape,” said Bitcoin Depot CEO Brandon Mintz. “By adding Bitcoin ATMs to the company’s stores, Circle K can attract new customers, offer financial access to under-served communities and set themselves apart from other retailers with this new technology.”