There’s no doubt the interest in NFTs, metaverse and play-to-earn gaming increased significantly in 2021. Where’s it all heading in 2022? Six crypto identities from leading projects tell Stockhead what’s in the crystal ball.


‘The allure of GameFi will draw people into the metaverse’

Kieran Warwick, co-founder of Illuvium (ILV) – an Aussie-founded play-to-earn auto-battler and RPG set in a sci-fi world, and one of the top developing blockchain games in the space.

On crypto and blockchain-gaming adoption:

“Things will really kick into gear in 2022. It will mark the advent of the mainstream adoption of crypto. Sustainable play-to-earn [P2E] ecosystems are being pioneered on the blockchain right now.”

On the metaverse:

“I think the allure of GameFi will draw more and more people into the metaverse as it grows.”

Illuvium co-founder Kieran Warwick


‘Gaming’s entire industry will pivot to blockchains’

Jori Armbruster, CEO of agri-fintech blockchain platform EthicHub (ETHIX).

On play-to-earn gaming’s growth potential:

“In the short term, P2E or GameFi is where I see the most growth potential because it is the easiest way for over one million people to join the ecosystem within one to two years.

“Gaming’s entire industry will pivot to be built on top of public blockchains, bringing millions of users to these networks.”

Jori Armbruster, CEO of EthicHub


‘GameFi and the metaverse will be very important’

Sergei Sergienko, founder of Crypto Gaming United (CGU) – an Aussie-founded global crypto gaming guild.

On GameFi and the metaverse:

“I think GameFi and metaverse projects will play a big role and be very important in the industry – for at least the first half of the year.”

On crypto wages and further adoption:

“Later on in 2022, the whole sector may morph into wages/salaries and other remittances in crypto. But the adoption of crypto will keep accelerating  as more and more institutions are coming to the space, just like CBA [Commonwealth Bank of Australia] recently did.”

On a potential bear market:

“It’s always possible another stagnation could happen at some point in the form of so called “crypto winter”. And that’s why we, as a guild, are looking way beyond gaming and looking at the whole thing a lot wider, from the point of view of jobs and wages, if the games go tits up.”

Sergienko is also the CEO of blockhain/fintech company


 Gaming could be entering ‘a new era’

Redmption“, Community Foreman of DeFi yield aggregator Harvest Finance (FARM).

On non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and gaming:

“As we head into 2022, projects like and Missing Frontier have the potential to take gaming into a new era. And this is because the digitisation of assets on the blockchain allows for improved fairness and provenance for in-game NFT assets. It creates an open financial ecosystem for trading of these assets.”

On the power of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs):

“Combine this with the fundraising mechanisms in crypto where a DAO was able to raise $40M in two days from strangers all over the world in order to purchase a copy of the American Constitution [ConstitutionDAO], and it shows you the power of the masses and the potential of the metaverse and digital assets.”

“Red”: Harvest Finance’s Community Foreman.