He-Man – that bowl-haircutted, swivel-hipped legend and his fellow ‘roided-up Masters of the Universe mates (yep, Skeletor, too) – now has an NFT collection. Because, of course they do.

And the immediate thing that springs to Coinhead‘s mind about it is: it’s just a shame digital currency investment powerhouse Grayscale has nothing to do with it. And that’s only because it would’ve made our “By the power of” headline a whole lot better (or less lame). If you know He-Man, you’ll know what we mean. Moving on…

This week, to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) franchise, toy manufacturing company Mattel has announced the launch of the official MOTU digital toy collection. That means tokens of the non-fungible variety – NFTs.

And in case you’ve forgotten or are criminally unaware of this terrible-but-absolutely-awesome slice of animation history, then here’s a quick catch-up:

The collection has been developed in collaboration with NFT platform Cryptoys, which earlier this year raised US$23 million in funding from VC giant Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), as well as Dapper Labs and Mattel.

The first set of MOTU NFTs will be available for purchase on November 9. According to a Hypemoon article, the NFTs will be dropping in three different phases until some time in January next year.

Twelve characters in total will be featured, including the man of He, Battle Cat, Skelebloke, Man-at-Arms, Teela and various others.

But wait… no She-Ra – He-Man/Price Adam’s long-lost twin sister? It appears not. Guess she really is lost in the metaverse. And no Butthead, either. Or was that Ram Man? Anyway, here’s what they’ll look like:

Frankly, the original, 1980s low-budget animation style works much better than this cutesy update in Coinhead‘s opinion, but each to their own.

According to Cryptoys and its founding company OnChain Studios, each NFT drop will consist of 10,000 toys per character and offer a variety of skins across seven different rarity levels.

“Cryptoys are digitalized figures and toys that provide fans with a new way to collect and play – inside the metaverse,” reads the Hypemoon article. “Issued as digital assets (NFT) on the Flow blockchain, Cryptoys aims to resemble a physical collecting experience with exceptional capabilities.”

Source: cryptoys.com

Will Weinraub, CEO, and co-founder of OnChain Studios said: “Initially we are starting off by focusing on the collectors and unboxing experiences but soon you’ll be able to play with your Cryptoys in many different ways including a number of games that we will soon be releasing.

“On top of that, we’re elevating the digital collector experience with quests, rewards, and titles that unlock access to exclusive drops, experiences, and more.”

Weinraub sounds like a true Master of the money-spinning Metaverse. We’ll keep half an eye on it to see if these MOTU NFTs can cut through the dreaded bear market – like a He-Man Power Sword through Skeletor’s “Evil Warriors” army of darkness.