Special Report: Open Campus – a community-led decentralized education ecosystem, backed by Animoca Brands, is hosting the Principal Node sale on “EDU Chain”, the project’s learning-focused Layer 3 blockchain.

That all sounds very exciting, but what does it actually mean?

Well. First up. Principal Nodes are the trusty gatekeepers of the EDU Chain, helping to keep the network secure.

They check and confirm the legit-ness of each transaction before it gets recorded on EDU Chain – the revolutionary-minded, widely-lauded home of the world’s first Web3 education protocol.

You can join EDU Chain by purchasing Principal Nodes in the upcoming sale.

The invitation to buy, means that everyone (you or me, little companies or large global corporations) can become a part of EDU Chain and get exposure to the future of education.

What’s more, by getting in and operating the Principal Nodes, participants secure rewards for validating transactions on the groundbreaking open-access global educational network.

Principal Node operator rewards will be distributed in EDU, the native utility and govenance token of Open Campus.

With further details dropping in a few weeks, the Open Campus Principal Node sale will consist of a pre-sale which will then be followed by a public sale.

Open Campus says the EDU Chain is aiming to bring the US$5trn global education industry to the blockchain via the new platform which “elegantly links learning experiences with earning opportunities, with every step of the journey trackable on the blockchain.”


Back for more: Animoca Brands

Having backed the project from day dot, Animoca Brands has also declared it will snap up a whole bunch more EDU tokens from the open market in support of the work Open Campus are doing to decentralized education     .

In a statement on Friday, Animoca said it has been keenly anticipating the launch of EDU Chain.

“(Animoca) firmly supports the work of Open Campus and the EDU Foundation, including in particular the upcoming EDU Chain, the first Layer 3 (L3) blockchain specifically designed to serve the global education industry.”

It’s an industry not to be sneezed at. JP Morgan reckons it is estimated to grow to US$8 trillion in value by 2030.

Animoca Brands and its subsidiary TinyTap are launch partners of Open Campus, together with other big hitters like Binance Labs and Sequoia China.

Animoca executive chair and co-founder Yat Siu and Yogev Shelly, TinyTap CEO  are both members of the EDU Foundation Council.


‘A decentralized education ecosystem…’

Open Campus is essentially a forward-thinking, community-led concept which leverages the potential of blockchain-based tech to build what is clearly a digitally-democratic and (simply) a more just worldwide educational system.

Open Campus unlocks the gate to creating and disseminating educational content, inviting students to roam freely across a broad and growing plateau of educational resources.

At the same time it sets about providing educators with an innovative platform to garner revenue and accolades for their invaluable work as teachers.

This is the blurb, which fails to impart the revolutionary essence of the idea:

“Open Campus is a DAO and community-led protocol building a decentralized education ecosystem which partners and integrates with like-minded entities to advance models of education with the power of Web3.”

A quick translation (in case you need it…) is this:

“Open Campus is building the infrastructure and fresh financial layer for a decentralized education ecosystem with blockchain tech.     .

“Education needs Web3 now; to revolutionize how we perceive, own, and monetize knowledge.

“Simultaneously, revenue-generating content is currently “stuck” within centralized platforms, cannot be traded, and has zero liquidity. Open Campus is providing new ways for educators to monetize their knowledge.”

Mass Adoption

With an existing network of over 50 partners, reaching more than 20 million learners around the world, Open Campus says EDU Chain will “monetize blockspace” by allowing education institutions and developers to buy in.

“An additional 100 companies will join our network in 2024 through OC-X, our accelerator program,” the creators say.


The Future of Education is evolving

By 2030, Education’s blockchain market is set to surge from $120 million to $3 billion.

Online and lifelong learning is on the rise, according to Open Campus.

They say some 45% of companies will eliminate degree requirements by this year, “creating a demand for microcredentials.”

So to meet demand, Open Campus is launching” a vibrant Dapp ecosystem” which it says  reimagines what Learn-to-Earn means.

“EDU Chain is poised to capitalize on these opportunities and transform the landscape; with a Dapp ecosystem on EDU Chain, the Animoca Brands backed project aims to establish  an innovative “Learn, Own and Earn” model for education.

Our vision is to move from token rewards to an environment where learners can;

  1. Enhance their skills through our Dapp partners (“Learn”)
  2. Verify their learning progress and knowledge on-chain (“Own”)
  3. Thereby improving their earning capabilities and job prospects (“Earn”).

EDU Chain Blueprint

With $EDU, OC ID, and PNFT set to migrate to the EDU Chain, these protocols will become integral parts of the larger Dapp ecosystem.

Developers will create the first wave of applications (for the 20M learners) across four essential layers within the ecosystem:


Join the conversation

“As we start to build EDU Chain, we want you to be a part of the process to help shape Education’s first Layer 3 blockchain.”

Follow Open Campus on X to stay up to date with news about the Principal Node sale and engage in the community to play your role in the future of education.


This article was developed in collaboration with Animoca Brands, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  

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