GCX Metals Ltd is a diversified explorer focused on acquiring and developing critical metal exploration assets, capable of hosting Tier-1 deposits, in Western Australia. GCX is presently focused on the Dante nickel-copper-platinum group element project in the West Musgrave region and the Onslow iron-oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) project.

With strong backing by major shareholders Tribecca Investment Partners and Australian Super Fund, along with technical and commercial support from the renowned Apollo Group, GCX is uniquely positioned to advance through all stages of resource development.

GCX has drill-ready nickel-copper-PGE targets at Dante project and IOCG drill targets at the Onslow project that are being advanced toward drilling.


  • Thomas Line | Incoming CEO and Managing Director

    Mr Line is the Chief Executive Officer of Dante Resources Pty Ltd and has been responsible for the exploration and development of Dante’s projects to date. Mr Line is an experienced geologist and project manager with 10 years’ experience in mining, exploration and resource development, including most recently as the CEO of Taruga Minerals Ltd (ASX:TAR).  Mr Line holds an honours degree in geology, is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists and is committed to the successful future development of Dante’s projects.

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  • Scott Halley | Chief Geochemist

    Mr Halley has consulted more than 150 mining and exploration companies in more than 25 countries in the last fourteen years. Having worked as an exploration geologist for 20 years prior to specialising as a geochemist means that Scott understands how geochemistry can be practically and effectively applied to exploration and mining problems. As well as consulting, Mr Halley is a regular presenter in the CODES MSc (Econ Geol) short course series, and a regular invited speaker at international geology conferences. Mr Halley received a BSc (Hons Class I) from the University of Tasmania (1982), and a PhD from Australian National University (1987).

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  • Will Alston | Stakeholder Engagement Manager

    With over two decades working in Indigenous engagement and relationship management roles, Mr Alston brings a wealth of expertise and an extensive network of connections within Aboriginal language and native title groups. Mr Alston’s journey has been marked by significant contributions to various industries, particularly in heritage and native title-focused mining roles. Mr Alston works to stand as a bridge between cultures, a catalyst for change, and a people-focused leader who empowers teams to achieve remarkable results.

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  • Dr Wolfgang Maier | Specialist consultant

    Wolfgang’s research deals with petrological and geochemical processes in mafic-ultramafic igneous systems that contribute to our understanding of continental magmatism, mantle evolution, plate tectonics and the formation of magmatic ore deposits including PGE, Ni-Cu, Cr, and V-Ti-Fe deposits.

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  • Mr Travis Kerslake | Senior Geologist

    Mr Kerslake is a qualified senior geologist/geophysicist. Working with mesothermal lode gold, nickel, copper exploration for over 20 years with foundational experience at WMC Resources, Goldfields and St George Mining. Integral member of the team responsible for the discovery of the Baker Nickel deposit in Kambalda in late 2022. Graduated from the Hales Scholarship in Geology and Physics in 1995 from Australian National University in Canberra, ACT.

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  • Mr Gregory Swan | Company Secretary

    Mr Swan is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years’ experience in the formation and development of publicly listed natural resources companies. He currently serves as Chief Financial Officer and/or Company Secretary for several listed companies that operate in the resources sector.

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