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In this episode, Justin speaks with Rudy Crous, the co-founder of Compono; a cutting edge, HR tech platform that makes the world of work amazing.

Crous co-founded Compono after seeing companies consistently frustrated with the traditional hiring process throughout his career as a corporate psychologist.

As a registered corporate psychologist, he specialises in Organisational Change and Culture Management, Operational Strategy and Planning, Workforce Training and Assessment, Team and Leadership Coaching and Development.

Leveraging this experience, Rudy brings a best-practice, scientific approach to recruiting with Compono that removes the cognitive bias associated with conventional recruiting methods.

In the episode, Crous talks through the challenges and complexities behind making the perfect hire, and how technology can help overcome any “unconscious bias” in the hiring process.

He elaborates on his years in South Africa, his quest to finish his PhD and what businesses can do now to innovate and stay relevant.

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