The ASX first began trading in its current form on April Fools’ Day in 1987, 126 years after the first stock exchange was formed in Melbourne. The new national exchange was an amalgamation of six exchanges based in Australian capital cities.

Since then, the ASX has operated on a Monday to Friday basis.

Trading is open from 10am AEST to 4pm AEST, but there is a pre-market session open for three hours before the normal session.

Another single-price one-minute auction is held at 4.10pm AEST to set daily closing prices.

The market also opens with single-price auctions, and in alphabetical order, over 10 minutes. To prevent anyone from exactly predicting the first trades, a small random time is built in between them.

But there is actually a season for not business because traders are humans, too, believe it or not. The ASX does close for national public holidays.

This year, you don’t even get to sneak in any extra trading because Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on a weekend. (And so you shouldn’t, either.)

The ASX has simply shifted those non-trading days to the following Monday and Tuesday.

Here are those days the ASX is closed for trading in 2021

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