If you think sandwiches are just for spring picnics, think again. The air might be chilly but it’s never a bad time to slap some food in between two bits of bread. Here are the sexiest sandwiches to double-hand now in NSW.


The chip butty at Splash, Petersham

A white bread sandwich stuffed with hot chips and smothered with old school curry gravy? It sounds like something straight out of a mouldy uni sharehouse, but the reality is almost criminally delicious. Best of all, this cool kiosk sits right inside a green park so you can scoff it on the grass, lounge around for a bit in the winter sun and then go back for a Splice Shake for dessert.


The vego sandwich at Ol’ Mates Sandwich Shop, Earlwood

When was the last time you had a proper salad sandwich? A bad one is a soggy lump of wet cardboard glued together with lawn clippings. A good one is a garden party in your mouth. The salad sando at this new Inner West sandwich slinger is the latter. It comes with all the expected greenery plus a secret weapon of tirokafteri: a spicy Greek red pepper and feta dip. I’d add fermented chilli for an extra two bucks but then I’d add fermented chilli to anything.


The Silverchair at Chiefly West, Newcastle

Named for Newcastle’s favourite ’90s sons, the Silverchair is a rock and roll mix of three cheeses, relish, horseradish, pickles and truffle oil, served on a banging baguette. That’s a lot of intense layers of flavour in one sandwich but frontman Daniel Johns is a pretty intense guy so it all checks out.


The fruit sandwich at Sandoitchi, Darlinghurst and Chatswood

If I had unlimited cash I’d probably order the Sandoitchi fruit sandwich every day just to admire the blushing prettiness of its geometrically-arranged strawberries and oranges, cut winningly on the cross-section and buffed with layers of fluffy yuzu whipped cream. It’s more of a dessert than a sandwich but who cares about labels when something tastes and looks this good.


The prawn katsu sando at Bar Yuki, Milton

There’s been a bit of a seafood sando monopoly the NSW South Coast town of Milton for some time now, with sandwich shop Delly’s cornering the market with their widely-loved lobster brioche roll. But there’s a new shellfish sheriff in town, with this neat little prawn sando from newcomer Bar Yuki. You can eat it in-house or takeaway, and there’s also a fat little pork version as well as a fried fish option that rock just as hard.


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The chicken schnitzel at Kosta’s Takeaway, Rockdale, Rosebery and Circular Quay

Someone call the BOM! The chicken schnitzel on this gargantuan double-hander is so enormous it practically has its own weather system. Fine, it’s also served on a bun rather than bread which helps trick the eye into thinking the schnitzel is girthier and thicker than it probably is but it’s still one hell of a meal. Again, this one comes with optimal fermented chilli (see also the Ol’ Mates Vego) which is never a bad idea.


The salt beef wagyu on rye at Baker Bleu, Double Bay

Chef Neil Perry describing sandwich construction sounds like a man of god reading a reverent Bible passage, such is his passion. Baker Bleu is next door to the famed foodman’s Margaret restaurant, and he is a partner in the biz alongside Melbourne’s Mike and Mia Russell. It’s the fresh-baked rye caraway that shines brightest on this generous ‘wich (though you’d also do well to try their famous sourdough on something like their poached chicken or tuna options). The filling nods to a classic Reuben with its creamy Russian dressing and pickled onion.


The Mortabella at Dom Panino, Leichhardt

It’s hard to pick favourites at this Leichhardt panini shop but I go back to the Mortabella again and again. The soft folds of pork are great but it’s the briney, salty blend of pistachio pesto and green olives blended in with gooey stracciatella that melts me every time.


The prawn sandwich at Paper Daisy, Cabarita Beach

Possibly the poshest entry on the list but no one ever said sandwiches can’t scrub up and look presentable when they want to. This classic prawn and avo sando has been on the menu at the restaurant inside Halcyon House for years, and with good reason; it’s simply the perfect, fresh, seaside bar snack. Order yours with a chilled glass of white wine for a dash of ladies-who-lunch joie de vivre.


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